Insulating an existing weatherboard home

Is it possible to insulate the walls of an existing weatherboard home? We are looking at buying a weatherboard home. The roof is insulated but not the walls. We would like to know if we can get the walls done too?

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Hi Sarah,

There are a couple of ways to do it - the least intrusive method is to cut small holes in the plasterboard and blow some type of loose glass or rock wool insulation into the wall cavities. The advantages to this method are that:

a) you won't need to entirely remove and reset the plasterboard inside your home

b) the insulation will fill the cavity, providing good, gapless insulation

The second option is to install batts (e.g. glasswool or rockwool batts). These fit between the wall studs, and can be layered to effectively double the R value they provide. To install insulation batts you'd need to remove the plasterboard that makes up your internal walls - if you're already doing this to renovate, then this would be the cheaper option. If not, it'll probably be more expensive than the blow-in method.

One particular advantage to removing the plasterboard (especially in older homes) is that you'll get a chance to check on the waterproofing/pipes/wiring etc. - worth considering if you suspect there might be other problems.

If you're deadly serious about insulating you should also take into account things like drafts and thermal bridges, which may allow heat to be transferred through your insulation. Here's a little more info on retrofitting insulation in an existing home.


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Hi there Build Team,

Looks like the Thermal Bridges and Retrofitting Insulation links above are broken. Keen to read them!

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Thanks mikedoeslife, we've fixed those links now.

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