It’s Simple Finance Mortgage Brokers Sydney Aid with Home Construction Loans

14 March 2022

An increasingly large number of families believe they’ll never be able to afford their own home. It’s Simple Finance founder, Joseph Daoud, specializes in connecting individuals with lending institutions to help them realize the dream of home ownership with affordable interest rates. Loans are available for new construction projects, a mortgage for existing structures, refinancing, or investment properties.

According to census statistics, homeownership in all areas of the nation has declined significantly and is at the lowest level in the last 50 years. The most dramatic decline is among younger people, singles and lone parents. One reason is changing demographics, but most individuals cite rising home costs and interest rates as barriers to the Great Australia Dream.

It’s Simple Finance streamlines and simplifies the financing process for potential homeowners that are seeking to buy a home or want a construction loan. An increasing number of people are choosing to build their home from the ground up to ensure they can customize and obtain the amenities and features they desire, rather than trying to upgrade an older home. New homes are more eco-friendly, energy efficient, and require less maintenance.

One of the advantages of working with the mortgage brokers in Sydney is the extensive number of lending institutions to which individuals will have access. It’s Simple Finance saves individuals a substantial amount of time by doing all the legwork and they work with lenders with which many people may not be aware. Individuals are never under any obligation to accept a proffered loan offer.

The home loan broker Sydney can help people locate a fixed interest loan with low interest rates. The agency has a variety of online tools to assist those seeking a loan. Individuals can calculate their borrowing power, stamp duty, and loan repayment amount. People can also download the free Homebuilder 2.0 Guide and a free property report to ascertain their property’s value.

We are a team of digital and mobile lending specialists who tear through the red tape and uncertainty around lending to make accessing finance the way it should be – simple. We believe every Australian deserves to own their own home.


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