Keeping Your Shed Cool This Summer

13 March 2018

The searing heat of an Aussie summer can turn any outdoor shed into a furnace, with serious consequences for anyone – or anything – inside the stifling environment.

The heat not only makes life extremely uncomfortable for anyone working in the shed, but the extreme temperatures can also result in some potentially dangerous situations particularly where livestock, vehicles, machinery, chemicals and other flammable materials are involved.

So, if your shed is exposed to the Australian summer, you’ll be interested in these cooling solutions which will help to create ventilation and reduce temperatures to comfortable and safe levels.

Whirly birds

These small turbine-like devices are attached to the apex of the shed roof and they kick into action in breezy conditions, sucking the hot air out and regulating the temperature. They’re also energy-efficient and you can have several devices incorporated into your shed design for optimum cooling.

Roof vents

Creating cross-ventilation is essential if you want to lower the interior temperatures of your shed, so you could consider including roof vents (such as gable vents or ridge vents) to encourage the free-flow of air. 


Additional windows and doors will also help create air-flow to regulate temperatures, and these should be kept open during the warmer months.  Door or window screens can add a layer of protection against insects etc without compromising the ventilation and if the heat is particularly challenging, you may want to consider installing external shading such as awnings on your windows to minimise heat gain.


Good quality roof insulation is another option for regulating temperatures inside your shed and is a worthwhile investment particularly when the contents of the shed are valuable and require higher levels of heat protection.

Ceiling fans

A ceiling fan in your shed will aid climate control by circulating the air and creating a fresh breeze through the interior.  These fans can be solar or electric-powered and can be extremely effective in creating a safer, more comfortable environment inside your shed.

Air conditioning

Depending on the size of your shed, its location and its purpose, you may find that an air conditioning unit is the most cost-effective and efficient means of keeping your shed cool, comfortable and safe and protecting your assets.


A skylight is another option to consider - and you'll get the benefit of additional light in the interior.  If you choose to custom-design your shed, you get the benefit of including various cooling/ventilation options, so if you think that the summer heat will make conditions inside your shed challenging, you may want to consider having your structure designed specifically to handle your environmental conditions.  

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