Kitchen Door Handles and Other Things to Look Out For in a Kitchen Showroom

22 August 2018

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, you’re likely to already have contemplated a visit to your local kitchen showroom. Unfortunately, many shoppers become so overwhelmed looking at the range of cabinet styles, designs, and colours, they overlook some important details that showcase the quality of the manufacturer. So, here we’ll discuss kitchen door handles and other things you should look out for on your visit.


The Importance of Good Quality Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles


While the cabinet handle may seem like an unimportant detail in your new kitchen, it can provide great insight into the manufacturer standards. However, you’ll need to look further than how the handles look and feel. You should also look at the hinges and check the drawer runners. If these items look flimsy or make squeaking noises, they are not likely to stand up to the rigours of a kitchen in a busy home. Hardware is one of the leading causes of repair issues in a kitchen, and if the hardware looks flimsy in the showroom, it’s likely to give you no end of trouble.


Check the Paintwork Quality


Most showrooms offer cabinet and kitchen handles mounted on sample boards to simulate how they will look against the different finishes. However, before you get carried away looking at which cabinet handle is your favourite, check the paintwork quality. Kitchen cabinet paintwork should not be rushed, or you won’t enjoy an even, quality finish. If the samples have ripples in it that looks like orange peel or if there is a lacklustre satin finish, it is a red flag for the paintwork quality. While you may argue that samples are handled hundreds of times, imagine how many times the cabinets will be touched in your kitchen in the years after installation.


Is the Showroom Clean and Well Maintained


Finally, you need to look at the showroom itself and check if it seems clean and well maintained. Are there broken fixtures or other details? Is the area clean and tidy? These are all signs that the company takes pride in their products. After all, if a display is covered in scuff marks and needs repair, it stands to reason that the sales team really don’t care about what they’re selling. Just like you wouldn’t buy from a dealer with dirty and dented cars on the showroom floor, don’t buy from a dirty showroom; look for a manufacturer who goes the extra mile and wants to showcase their product line.


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