Lockdown was a hive of DIY projects

15 September 2020

Many Aussies turned to home renovation projects while in lockdown.

As might have been expected, DIY projects boomed all across Australia as lockdown measures were put in place.

Aussies picked up the tools to complete fixes and start makeovers while confined to home. Spending on hardware and gardening products surged almost 20% in March of this year.

With some parts of the country still in lockdown and a newfound enthusiasm for home renovation, USG Boral has shared some tips for safety on your home renovations.

User-friendly focus

It is important to remember that not every product or solution will be easy to use or as effective without the assistance of a professional. Looking for products that are simple to install or apply will create a more stress-free renovating environment while delivering a premium finish with little effort.

For example, USG Boral SHEETROCK Dust Control is a lightweight pre-mixed finish compound used as a final coat over plasterboard joints. It reduces the amount of airborne dust while sanding, making your site a safer, cleaner on.

Simpler products and solutions are key to a successful DIY project.

Be vigilant

It is easy to get side-tracked with more people and activities happening in the home, so it’s vital to consider any potential dangers, including fumes, tools, waste materials and exposure to COVID-19. Taking appropriate action and precautionary measures can ensure the safety of those at home while DIY activities are underway. Following the manufacturer’s installation or application directions, consulting with a professional when necessary, and setting up protected areas for children and pets, will contribute to keeping the home safe for all occupants.

Be realistic

It’s important to be realistic about what DIY projects are achievable, and thinking about approaching bigger projects in stages to avoid the need to store materials for lengthy periods. Taking advantage of online purchasing and contactless delivery can help to access necessary products more efficiently, and help keep projects moving along. Be sure to check all products are in-stock and confirm delivery dates before starting a job to avoid getting caught out. Imported products may also be in shorter supply or delayed, so consider sourcing items from local businesses, where possible.