Louvre: A Multipurpose Design Useful for Interior Décor!

29 August 2018

 When you hear the name Louvre, you may be transported to the mesmerizing museum in Paris, France. But, the louvre we are talking about is a design used for interiors of a property. The design is as mesmerizing as the museum itself. It has the power to uplift the look of the whole home. So, if you are looking to give your home a contemporary and elegant look, this could be the design for you.

Traditionally, this particular design has been associated with windows. But, the modern world has found interior designers who have spun their magic to integrate the elegant louvre design into various areas of your home. This triggered a revolution, and manufacturers have started creating custom-made and ready-made louvres for different parts of a property.

How Can The Louvre Ideas be Integrated into Different Parts of Your Home?

Louvres look lovely for your home, but why just stick to your windows. Let them shine through your whole house. Louvres are known for their perks of offering natural light and allowing a lot of air flowing through the room. And everybody wants that for their home. Interior designers have thought of ingenious ways to integrate them around various parts of the home. Here are some places where you can use louvres in your own home:

1. Windows: This is perhaps the most popular application of the louvre design. It is also called a Jalousie window. It can be composed of parallel glass, acrylic or wooden panels set in a frame. The various places and ways you can integrate this into your property includes:

  • Walkways and corridors for internal ventilation
  • Bedrooms with curtains and blinds, to offer natural light and air along with privacy when needed
  • Bathroom and laundry room for a lovely view of the exterior as well as air and light
  • Kitchens to quell the hot environment, to help everyone enjoy some fresh air
  • Living and dining room to let in fresh air, light and a beautiful view of the outside

If you have a pool or beach in front of your house, then you definitely need to add louvre windows, to enjoy the view!

2. Roofing: Well, this is the latest addition to the application of the louvre design. The design stays the same and you get to enjoy the perks of an opening roof systems. Here are a few ideas of integrating the design in the roof:

  • Add the louvre roofing to part of your patio. It can offer sunshine and create an innovative patio roof.
  • Some homes have a swimming pool surrounded by glass or normal walls. Add a louvre roof to such a room, for enough sunshine during the day and star-lit sky view during evening and night.
  • Bedrooms can also have a louvre roof. Just make sure that they can be closed, when needed. Such a roof is a smart inclusion of the louvre design in your home.

3. Doors: A louvred door looks beautiful in any property. The elegance is amplified if the frame and panels are all wooden. The look is a mesmerising combination, which can be used to create the dream home you had always wished for. You have two options, when creating a louvred door:

  • You can make the whole door in the “louvre” design.
  • You could go half and half. The base of the door can be kept solid and the top part can be made with the “louvre” design.

These are just some of the major parts of the home, where you can integrate the louvre design. Apart from these, you could also add louvred balcony sidings, instead of grills or a solid siding. Whichever way your heart desires, you can incorporate the louvre design. Be smart and innovative -- see the awe in the eyes of visitors, guests and neighbours!


Sarah Williams is a freelance writer. She loves to write blogs.