The 'Low Cost' Tricks to Make your House Look Bigger

09 October 2019

Miracles do not exist and meters are what they are, but getting the most out of them and getting a more spacious home is possible. With a little imagination and a low budget, you can make your house look bigger and more functional.

Space is probably one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a house. But we can't always, or want to, allow ourselves a place that is exceeded by square meters and, in most cases, either because the house is small or because we accumulate too much junk, we end up looking for tricks to squeeze the space to the fullest.

Of course, it is not always necessary to create partitions to take better advantage of the space. What is essential is trying to get the most out of the meters, distribution and corners of the home. Take note of the following low costs tips to discover all the space you are not taking advantage of in your home.

Bet on Light Colors

If you have already looked for a way to make your house look wider, you have probably heard it several times and, if you have not yet implemented it, it is time for you to do so. It is one of the wisest and most useful decoration tips if you want your home to convey a feeling of spaciousness.

White, gray or pastel shades make the walls look bigger and the ceilings look taller. In addition, they highlight the luminosity, transmit peace, are pleasant to the eye and are easy to combine with live colours such as yellow or green greenery.

Forget the Traditional Doors

We recommend two alternatives. On the one hand, you can get rid of some doors, such as the kitchen or hallways. This will help you better integrate the rooms and give them continuity and breadth. On the other hand, you can choose to use other modern solutions that will help you gain space: roller doors that you can remove as you please, sliding doors or barn doors. And remember that it is preferable to always keep them open to visually enlarge the rooms.

Mirrors to Fool the Eye

This is a simple and economical trick that can change everything. If your hall is small you can place a large round or full-length mirror. This will increase the feeling of depth. You can do the same in your room. In addition, when natural light enters, the amplitude effect will be much greater. We recommend that you opt for mirrors with small frames, since visually, they appear to occupy less space and give the impression that the wall is clearer.

Take Advantage of Every Corner

In all houses there are spaces that we can use better to get more out of them. The corners are a good example: in them you can put shelves. On the other hand, under the windows you can place storage trunks or seats.

Light and Straight-Line Furniture

One possible way to make a living room, kitchen or any other room seem larger is to opt for light furniture. Forget big sofas or heavy armchairs. Our advice? Use furniture in light or metallic tones that are not opaque. For example, you can place stools in the kitchen instead of chairs: their thin and tall legs will show more space and increase the depth.

Multiple Light Sources

Having several light sources in the same room can make it look wider. Following the above advice, we recommend that you opt for high floor lamps that you can place in corners or next to sofas. Also highly recommended are lamps with a TC fabric lampshade, since they reduce the damage of intense light.

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