Main Features and Benefits of 6-Star Rated Homes

01 January 2020

Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index shows your house’s thermal performance. In other words, the rating describes required for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. A higher HERS index shows that your home’s indoor temperature is comfortable and doesn’t require a lot of energy to maintain. Generally, the less energy a home requires, the higher the value of the star rating it will have.

NatHERS is the body that rates a home’s energy efficiency in Australia and it uses several parameters. The body has a software program' which estimates the potential energy use of a home. Through this rating, people can easily understand the amount of energy that their homes use for heating and cooling. This enables them to make smart choices and save money on their energy bills.

In most states of Australia, a NatHERS 6 star energy rating is the minimum requirement your home should meet to get the building permit.

Features of 6-Star Rated Homes

Effective Insulation

When insulation is properly installed and inspected in attic, walls, and floors, it ensures that there is even temperature throughout the house. This, in turn, reduces energy use and at the same time increases comfort.

Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

There are many advantages of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and some of them are that include reducing indoor humidity, improving the overall comfort of the home and being quieter.

High-Performance Windows

Energy-efficient windows use advanced technologies like improved frames and protective coatings that ensure heat is kept in during the winter and taken out in the summer. Also, the windows block damaging UV sunlight that often discolours carpets and other furnishings.

Tight Construction and Ducts

Through sealing cracks and holes in the home’s envelope, as well as in heating and cooling ducts, will help it reduce moisture, noise, pollen, and drafts. With a tightly sealed home, you get more indoor air quality and comfort while at the same time reducing maintenance and utility.

Efficient Products

Homes that are energy Star-certified also tend to have ENERGY STAR qualified products like lighting fixtures, ventilation fans, and compact fluorescent bulbs, as well as appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators among other things. This means homeowners get to save even more.


Added confidence

There are many things you have to check when buying a home, and one of them is checking whether it is an energy-efficient home or not. Luckily, checking this is so easy. All you need to do is to look around to see a government-backed ENERGY STAR label that easily identifies energy-efficient homes. Once you have identified the house you want to buy, you can be sure that it meets the stringent energy efficiency guidelines.

Lower cost of ownership

6-Star Energy rated homes use significantly less energy for heating and cooling compared to standard homes. This delivers substantial savings in dollar amounts every year. On average, people leave in their homes for 7-8 years, and over this period, it may add up to thousands of dollars that you save on utility bills. Also, you can enjoy additional maintenance benefits, which can be significant.

Improved Performance

Energy-efficient improvements offer better protection against moisture, drafts, heat, pollution, cold, and noise when installed properly. Also, energy-efficient homes help to ensure consistent temperatures across and between rooms. Other benefits include improved quality of indoor air and greater durability.

Smart investment

Homes meeting the strict 6-star rating requirements often sell for more than standard homes. This is because they give the buyer advantages in cost savings in energy bills, as well as better appliances and fixtures. When you choose a 6-star rated home, you will be pleased to know that when the time for selling homes, you won’t be short of top offers for it.

 Environmental protection

Most people don’t know about it, but homes can pollute the environment more than your car. The energy used in homes all over the country generate a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why investing in a 6-star rated homes goes a long way to supporting the environment.


A 6-star rated home ensures an environment-friendly and comfortable living. The six-star rating indicates that a home has suitable temperature control, is more energy-efficient, and enables dwellers to save thousands of dollars in energy bills. More importantly, it is a requirement for all people intending to put up new buildings to have their homes meet the strictest 6-star rating standards.

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