DIY vs. professional insulation

What sort of insulation can you install yourself - and when might you need to hire a professional do the job properly? Find out more about what's required to install different sorts of acoustic insulation.


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How to clean exhaust vents

Heating and cooling ducts carry air all around your house, and vents often get dirty as a result of how much air flows through them. Find out if (and how) you need to clean them.

How to build a house

Elevations, framing plans, wall sections, and shadow diagrams

As well as site and floor plans, there are several other types of diagrams you're likely to see to support the design of a new house.


Kitchen cabinet kickboards

Kick boards are the bottom face of your cabinets where they meet the floor. These can be constructed in a range of different styles, and as a small visual touch can make a huge difference to how your kitchen looks.