Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance

Floors see a lot of wear and tear, but if they're properly cared for and maintained most floor surfaces can be kept looking great for decades.

How to reseal flagstone or slate flooring

Over time, slate and flagstone sealant will be scratched off and worn. Resealing your floor will help to restore it to its original glory.

How to polish floorboards and parquetry

If your floorboards or parquetry floor are looking tired and worn, a good polish may be all that's needed to rejuvenate them.

How to clean and repair carpet

Properly cleaning carpet on a regular basis is a good way to keep it looking fresh and new, and to keep allergens under control.

Which floors are easy to maintain?

The time you have to spend cleaning a floor and how well it copes with stains will directly contribute to your long term satisfaction with it. Find out how to choose the right floors.


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