Sauna maintenance

Sauna maintenance

Caring for saunas isn't that complicated. For the most part, it comes down to knowing how to clean up after yourself, and what sorts of things you need to avoid.


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Carpet and underlay

Choosing floors: hardness and bounce

The amount of bounce that your floor provides can make a big difference to your ability to spend a long time standing on it.


Lazy susans & other specialty hardware

Revolving corner cabinets (also called lazy susan cabinets) are one of a few ways to make use of every inch of space in the corners of your kitchen cabinets, and to do away with 'hard to reach' spots.


Thermal bridges

Thermal bridges represent 'pathways' through your insulation along which heat can easily enter and escape from your home. These bridges can easily negate the benefits of good insulation, and must be carefully avoided.