Cooling maintenance

Cooling maintenance

One of the most important parts of cooling your home is ensuring that air conditioners and fans are properly taken care of.

How to clean heating ducts and vents

Heating ducts carry air all around your house, and vents often get dirty as a result of how much air flows through them. Find out if (and how) you need to clean them.

Cleaning an air conditioner filter

How to clean an air conditioner

Properly cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner is vital to ensuring that it works properly, and that it's as efficient and effective as it's designed to be.

6 common aircon problems

6 common aircon problems

Is your aircon dripping water? Not blowing cold air? Perhaps it's making funny noises or blowing out a bad smell? There are a few different things that can go wrong with an airconditioner. Find out how to deal with them.


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Energy and water management

Smart meters and home automation

Smart meters allow your electricity provider to communicate with and control specific appliances, and to provide information to your home automation systems. Read on to find out more about how smart meters work.


Straw bale insulation

People have been making houses from straw bales for centuries. Straw bales can be remarkably effective insulators, but straw bale homes must be expertly constructed to avoid the risk of fire or rot.


Sauna ventilation

Proper ventilation in your sauna ensure that you're breathing fresh air, and help circulate heat around the room.