How to measure infiltration and air tightness

Part of establishing how well your home fares in terms of passive design is to establish how 'tight' it is. Learn more about how to test how much air leaks from your home.


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AV content and media
Digital TV

Digital TV

Digital TV offers a far higher resolution picture than the analogue TV sets of yesteryear. To access digital TV, you need either a set-top box (STB) or a television with a digital tuner built into it.


Trombe walls

A wall surface, using some clever design principles, can be used to passively heat air and allow it to naturally flow into your home. Learn more about Trombe walls and how they work.


Bamboo decking and pergolas

Bamboo decking is relatively new but increasingly popular, and considered to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Good bamboo is extremely tough, and is naturally repellant to termites.