Emergency roof repairs

A failing roof needn't be the end of a home. Roof restoration or repair can bring new life to most houses. Find out more about how different types of roofs are restored.

How to reshingle a roof

From time to time, a shingle roof will need to be re-laid. Find out what's involved, and who should do this work.

How to reseal a roof

Getting your roof sealed has many advantages - the first and most obvious of which is that it effectively becomes completely waterproof. Learn more about roof sealing and resealing.

Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance

A well maintained roof is vital to the health of your home. As people say when all else is going wrong - ‘at least I have a roof over my head’. Find out more about how to keep your roof well maintained.


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Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)

One of the biggest advantages of a solar panel system is that it allows you to sell electricity back to your electricity provider. Find out how this works, and what to expect.

Home entertainment
What is home audio

What is home audio?

In the simplest terms, 'home audio' refers to the sound systems that you install in your home - but this can encompass a hell of a lot. See what's on offer...

Climate control

Glass wool insulation

Glass wool is made from fibreglass, and is available either as rolls of insulation, or as batts or blanketing. Glass wool is relatively inexpensive, and as a result it's sometimes layered for improved insulating performance.