Marble Plus's blog - May 2021

Tips For Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles     by   Marble Plus

27 May 2021

Swimming pools have traditionally been lined in aqua blue tiles, to emphasize the cool expanse of water. However, if you are looking for a change from blocky blue tiles and don't want a run of the plant pool there are some other great tips for swimming pool tiles on the market...

How to Maintain Natural Stone at Your Home     by   Marble Plus

24 May 2021

Natural stone is unique, Each type of natural stone is varying in colour, design, and pattern, so the chances of creating stunning designs with it are practically infinite...

How to Transform Your Backyard     by   Marble Plus

22 May 2021

As much as you love staying inside your home and resting on the cosy furniture, a backyard is a part of your house that can be transformed into a paradise. If made in the right way, a garden can be changed into a dream getaway...

How to Decorate Patios using Outdoor Tiles     by   Marble Plus

19 May 2021

If you are interested in decorating your outdoor patio for outdoor parties, or summer barbeques then it's a time to look at it. And also, you need to check whether the patio area looks more elegant and shines properly...

How to Buy Good Tiles in Brisbane     by   Marble Plus

13 May 2021

Building homes depend upon the best building materials. Without better building supplies, your designs make no use. You can never reach your design needs without good supplies. Hence, you should get the best materials like tiles supplies and other materials...