Navigating the Best Exterior Paint Brands in Australia: Unveiling the Pros and Cons

10 November 2023

Are you looking to paint your residential and commercial property? Then you might be confused about which paint brand for your walls would be the best and pocket-friendly. In the Australian market, there are multiple trusted and best paint brands available that you can consider. Being a professional exterior painters in Sydney for over 20 years. We have hands-on experience in using all of them. With this experience, we can tell you the major pros and cons of every paint brand that we experienced. So let gets dive into the article.

Hymes Paint: Trusted Name in the Market for its Durability and Quality


  • Unmatched Durability:  No doubt as the company claims about durability it literally provides durability of coats. As we use this paint for customers walls. It stands for a long time there. It shields against weather fluctuations, ensuring a longer-lasting finish. The only condition is that the surface you are painting should be prepared for painting.
  • Shine of the Paint:  We recognize the shine of the paint remains the same for a long interval of time. It’s an unbeatable quality of this brand that the ability to retain color on walls for a long time is extremely decent. 


  • Quite Expensive:  When we talk about its cons it’s quite expensive which makes us think about other alternatives available in the market. So if you have a decent budget for your painting project, we would strongly like to recommend this product.
  • Limited Color Range:  We find that their color range is slightly limited. So if you have a unique color in your mind to paint then we recommend you to visit their retail store or enquire online to confirm they can provide you the particular color.

Dulux Paint: A Name That Indicates Excellence


  • Weatherproof:  The most we like about this brand is its ability to survive the extremely harsh exterior environment. Whether it’s heavy rainfall out there or extreme sunshine. The coat of this paint survives very well in any circumstances. Which makes it the brand that most people opt to buy.
  • Elastomeric Features:  The elastomeric properties within the paint save your property from cracking or peeling because it  allows the surface to expand or contract


  • Skill Required to Apply:  If you looking to paint your property with DIY then you might be facing some challenges because it needs skills and expertise to perfectly execute the paint on your walls. So it would be recommended to seek the professional's help if you planning to go up with this paint. 
  • Premium Price Range:  This brand also comes up with little high price range. So you may have to think before or expand your painting budget. But when it comes to quality price is completely justified.

Taubmans: A Blend of Affordability and Quality


  • Budget-Friendly Paint:  As compared to other brands it is slightly cheaper than them. So if you are looking to paint with a low budget then this paint is for you. Don’t worry you don’t have to sacrifice your quality. Applying this coat for customers we find outstanding results so far.
  • Decent Durability: Taubmans offers decent durability in their paint materials, especially for less extreme weather conditions it would be one of the best choices for you.


  • Limited Extreme Weather Protection:  If you are living in an area where you face extreme weather crises then you’ll find it’ll lose its durability over the period. It begins fading in very little time.
  • Limited Color Range:  Similar to Hymes, Taubmans might have a somewhat limited color range compared to brands like Dulux.

Opt for the Best Painting Brand For Your Residential or Commercial Property:

When making the decision about which paint you opt for. We recommend always considering your requirements and geographical conditions. It’ll help you to go with the best affordable brand that will definitely suit your property and provide you with the results you desire.

  • Consider Climate Exposure:  If your property faces extreme weather, a brand with superior weatherproofing might be more suitable.
  • Budget Constraints:  For those on a tight budget, brands like Taubmans might offer a balance between affordability and quality.
  • Application Skills:  Some brands might require more expertise during application. If you’re DIY-ing, this might be a crucial factor to consider.


Each paint brand brings its unique blend of advantages and limitations. Whether it's the durability of Hymes Paint, the quality assurance of Dulux, or the balance of affordability and quality from Taubmans, the choice ultimately depends on your property's specific requirements and your personal preferences.

Choosing the best exterior paint brand in Australia involves a careful assessment of what matters most to you—be it longevity, color choices, or budget considerations.

Explore the spectrum of paint brands available in Australia, weigh their pros and cons, and make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your property's needs and vision.

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