Notes On The Use And Installation Of SPC Flooring

14 July 2022


SPC flooring has been fully recognized by the market and is widely used in offices, hotels, restaurants, teaching, and home improvement places. However, due to the lack of experience of the participants in sales and construction, the experience of the using party is poor. Now we will briefly discuss the problems in both use and installation.


What do you need to pay attention to when using SPC flooring?

1. Metal bed (cabinet, table, chair) feet should be separated from the floor with rubber mats, which can reduce the impact on the floor to avoid scratches or rust stains. When moving the large items on the floor above, it is prohibited to push directly against the ground and should be moved off the ground (lift or pulley).

2. SPC floor wear layer is usually PVC + UV coating material, its wear resistance is not with a nail brush, sharp and other items for extreme damage test detection, but in the laboratory to simulate the friction environment between indoor human footwear and the floor by round steel wheel rolling on its surface to wear through the number of revolutions to measure, the higher the number of revolutions the better the wear resistance, the thicker the wear layer the better the wear resistance. The market with extreme destruction of the way to detect the floor wear resistance is only a marketing tool, either the price is not pro-people or is not mass production, and who will wear shoes with metal soles and sharp shoes at home every day in the life?


How to install SPC flooring?

• Must be experienced construction personnel for construction. SPC stone flooring installation should be based on the floor thickness, material, area, etc. to determine the appropriate size of the reserved expansion joints, between the floor snap tightness, laying direction, hemming way, seam processing, all need a wealth of experience to complete.

• The flatness of the old ground (tile, terrazzo, wood floor, etc.) should meet the requirements, and the uneven ground paving will lead to the problems of SPC stone plastic flooring such as high and low undulation, buckling and buckling, and broken board. The thinner the thickness of the floor, the larger the version of the flatness of the ground requirements, paving before you can use a 3-meter straightedge to detect the ground height difference, to determine the need for leveling treatment, should be based on site conditions to choose the program:

A. Fine leveling - you can choose cement-based self-leveling (about 3-5mm thick), higher cost, good strength, not afraid of water.

B. Thick leveling - can choose gypsum-based self-leveling (more than 1㎝), economical, general strength, afraid of water (moisture ground is not recommended).

• 8mm thick SPC stone plastic flooring installation below can be added with thickness ≤ 2mm moisture-proof film (or shock-absorbing pad), but the thick layer of foam floor mat treasure is prohibited. Because of the thin SPC floor will be the surface load pressure downward transmission, the floor mat treasure texture is soft can not bear the concentrated point load, tables, chairs, cabinets and other legs after pressure easy compression deformation, resulting in SPC stone plastic flooring because of the foundation gap and deformation, fracture, decoupling and other problems.

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