Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2022

03 June 2022

Outdoor Lighting Trends

Outdoor lighting is among the most valuable investments with numerous benefits. The benefits of outdoor lights go beyond the aesthetics associated with improved curb appeal. The wide array of outdoor lights available makes it challenging for most homeowners to find the best solutions. Fortunately, the variety allows homeowners to choose beautiful lights that can transform their dull backyard. Below are the top outdoor lighting trends you should consider.

1.  Solar Powered Lights

Solar-powered outdoor lights are increasingly becoming a popular choice for homeowners looking to light their pathways, decks, and patios. Solar-powered lights, such as LED deck lights, also make a great choice to reduce your energy bill.

Unlike traditional lights, installing solar-powered lamps in your backyard is simple, as it doesn't require complicated wiring processes. These lights also don't produce extra-bright light, making them perfect for use as accent lights. Solar lights are also eco-friendly.

2.  Smart Lighting

The adoption of smart home technologies has evolved, allowing homeowners to integrate their outdoor lights into these systems. Homeowners can create intriguing lighting scenarios to suit different outdoor occasions using smart LED bulbs. For instance, ambient lights can provide bright light to your backyard during summer if your kids want to spend some time outdoors.

On the other hand, you can dim the bulbs to create a soft, hushed environment for outdoor movie sessions. You can adjust your outdoor smart bulbs' color, brightness, intensity, and temperature to suit different settings. Smart bulbs also improve home security while saving on energy costs.

Together with motion sensor technology, smart bulbs make perfect security lights. The ability to adjust bulbs using voice commands or from your mobile app further makes these outdoor lights exciting.

3.  Simple Lighting Design

Simple and minimalistic outdoor lighting is another excellent trend to adopt when planning your outdoor lighting design. Like modern interior design trends, minimalist lighting is highly influenced by modern art and architecture. For this, you can simply fix sleek black, gray, or white shades of outdoor light to create a focal point in your outdoor space. Every homeowner has a preferred style and taste.

4.  Green Lighting

Green lighting is a trend that will remain in style for years. Homeowners should share the responsibility of reducing the total carbon footprint by using energy-efficient bulbs. As mentioned before, LED bulbs are a trend already. These bulbs are 80% more energy-efficient than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

More than 95% of the energy produced by lighting LED bulbs is transformed into energy. LED bulbs have also reduced the demand for heavy metals, such as mercury, further protecting the environment.

5.  Bistro Lighting

Also called strand lighting, bistro lights are made from interconnected lights installed above backyard structures. For instance, you can have bistro lights on your deck, patio, uncovered porch, or garden. Bistro lights can transform a rather dull outdoor setting into a beautiful space. They are best for parties and holiday seasons.


Lighting up your outdoor area creates a safe space and improves its aesthetic appeal. Choosing the perfect outdoor light can bring life into your backyard without much hassle. You can experiment with many other lighting options to create a perfect outdoor garden that suits your style and preference.