An overview of plantation shutter hinge options

16 April 2021

Synthetic wood shutters, as well as real wood shutters, can be used on most windows and doors, including arched ones. They are also great closet doors and room dividers. Well-made faux plantation shutters, in particular, can last the life of the home and increase the home's resale value. Planting shutters require different types of hinges and rail systems depending on their size and use. We will look at three of the most common.

 Standard hinge system (butt)

 The standard butt hinge system can be used on the interior shutters of most windows (those with openings from six inches to 120 inches high). Allows the shutters to open and / or fold to one side. The hinge pin can be removed from the bracket for cleaning or finishing.

 Folding rail system

 This system is used for plantation shutters which serve as closet doors where two panels are hinged together and folded side by side, and when they serve as sliding glass door covers. A folding rail system is also a good option for interior window shutters if they are too large for the standard hinge system. Fits door and window openings 24 to 192 inches wide and 20 to 120 inches high. A double rail system allows the shutters to open.

 Bypass system

 This system works best with plantation shutters which are used as a room divider or closet door where the shutter panels slide left to right. The bypass rail system will also accommodate door and window openings 24 to 192 inches wide and 20 to 120 inches high.

 Hinge colors

 Hinges are typically available in shades of white and neutral colors to match the colors of most faux shutters. They are also available in brass, bronze and stainless steel.

 Plantation shutters manufacturers provide the hinge or rail system with their shutters. It is best to have the shutters installed by a professional to make sure it is done correctly. Quality plantation shutters are a great investment. You want them to install properly. It's not a DIY project that most people can or should do. However, it's good to know what type of hinge or track system your shutters are using in case a part needs replacing. However, if properly maintained, well-made plantation shutters, especially fake plantation shutters, will not require parts replacement.

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