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Specialising in retractable awnings and external blinds. Let us slove your sun or rain problems, ring Denise to arrange a free quotation.

Retractable awnings give you control over the weather on your own terms. When the sun gets too hot you can unroll the awning to provide instant protection and shade. An optional sun sensor can automatically extend the awning in the sun and an optional wind sensor can retract the awning in windy conditions.


Awnings keep temperatures cooler inside and help reduce your electricity bills by up to 25% if you run air conditioning.
An awning can provide shade without shutting out the view.
Awnings protect floor coverings and furniture from fading in sunlight.
Awnings are environmentally friendly way to cool your home.
An awning can give excellent privacy when required.
An awning can add value to your property.
Awnings can turn terraces and balconies into airy attractive, extra rooms.
Awnings provide a sheltered place for children and pets to play, sheilded from direct sun.

Retractable Awnings:

Folding Arm Awnings
Folding arm awnings maximise entertaining and leisure areas such as patios and verandahs, and are also ideal for cafés and restaurants. Our folding arm awnings can be operated manually or motorised with sophisticated systems including timers, sensors and remote controls.

Conservatory Awnings
Conservatory awnings were originally designed in Europe for glass conservatories. They are normalyy motorised with remote control. Conservatory awnings are also commonly used for shade over pergolas.

Suntech Retractable Pergola Awnings
The Suntech Retractable Pergola Awning provides optimum protection from sun, wind and rain. Designed for hospitality, commercial and quality residential projects. The Suntech Awning is the only retractable awning that has been engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 117km/hr.

System 2000 Pivot arm Awnings
System 2000 pivot arm awnings are very adaptable window awnings that can be designed to suit a wide range of needs. Custom designed and made with many variations and control options – including internal or external tape, or electric, even wireless remote.

System 3000 Straight Drop Awnings
System 3000 straight drop fabric roll-up awnings are very robust external sunscreen systems. It is either operated by a crankhandle and gearbox or can be motorised with wireless remote. The System 3000 awning has no side guides or channels, so it does not interfere with architectural fretwork and post mouldings.

System 6000 Pivot Arm Awnings
The System 6000 pivot arm awning is the big brother to the Sydtem 2000. Instead of being tape operated it is operated by a crankhandle and gearbox or motorised with wireless remote. While the System 2000 awning is ideal for smaller protection requirements the System 6000 has been designed for larger exposed areas.

System 9000 and Vertiscreen Straight Drop Awnings
System 9000 and Vertiscreen straight drop awnings are retractable exterior vertical sunscreen systems from Europe with neat slim-line cassettes. They are operated by amanual gearbox and crank handle or motorised. The base rail travels up and down on either stainless stell wire guides or side tracks.

Automatic Awnings
Automatic roll-up awnings are an awning ideally suited for windows that get full sun and have easy access. They are operated by a spring system with side guides and locking arm system with an easy pull down and hook design.

Convertible Awnings
Convertible roll-up awnings are a traditional Australian pivot arm awning ideally suited to match with traditional houses such as Federation style. They are operated by a cord and reel system with pivot arms.

Verandah Blinds and Shop Blinds (Awnings)
Verandah and shop blinds are a simple traditional rope and pulley straight drop awning or blind. The verandah blind has no arms and when fully extended is held down by straps to prevent it from swinging in the wind.

Clear PVC Blinds
Clear PVC Café blinds give you protection from the elements without obstructing your view. They are operated by a rope and pulley system. We have installed Café Blinds in many restaurants and cafés, and at home they can transform your outdoor living areas into a truly usable space.

Fixed Awnings:

Carbolite Awnings
Carbolite awnings use twin walled polycarbonate sheeting to produce a variety of awnings and roof structures. Carbolite awnings are most suited to applications where rain protection is required without blocking out the natural light.

Canopy Awnings
Canopy awnings consist of a fabric covered aluminium frame. They are custom made in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular being the traditional Dutch and the semi circular Cupola canopy awnings.

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