Paving the way to backyard trends in 2020

06 February 2020

Low maintenance gardens, foodscaping, urban oases and creating flow through entertaining areas to bring the outdoors in will be at the forefront of 2020 garden and landscaping trends. Pavers are set to increase in popularity, replacing high-maintenance grass in these drier conditions and water features are being seen as decorative solutions to the heat, providing passive cooling and attracting wildlife.

Low Maintenance Gardening

Less time, tighter water restrictions and increased temperatures have taken their toll on many once lush gardens. Forego the grass with paving for a look with less maintenance. Use dark colour palettes and different sizes and textures in paving to create interest. The Tuscan Path Natural and Porcelain Pavers collections, such as the Premium Honeycomb Bluestone paver, or the Charcoal Porcelain paver are designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

For a softer look, lay pavers randomly and separate with plants and shrubbery, or line paths with pots and garden beds. Encourage overlapping fronds, climbing vines, and explosive, unexpected blooms to saturate your surroundings. Layer from the ground up to create texture and variety, and offset bigger pots with tall, lush plants, like palms and clumping bamboos.

Another way to create low maintenance interest is through the addition of a water feature. The ‘Summit’ from Northcote Pottery is a modern, triple-tiered design that creates a soft trickling sound as the water cascades from one level to the next. Doubling as a striking design statement, this particular water feature can be placed as a centrepiece in a front garden, internal courtyard or atrium.


Edible gardens and vegetable patches are making a comeback in 2020, with many looking to focus on sustainability, lower their cost of living and get closer to nature. Popular planting includes leafy silver-beet and lettuces, with a selection of vegetables that suit the warmer seasons like bush beans, cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as Mediterranean style herbs.  

Foodscaping is a fantastic way to create a beautiful and bountiful garden. Depending on the space and the produce you want to grow, these edible spaces can be created almost anywhere; in pots, raised garden beds, or even kerbside. Natural pavers, like the Mid Grey Granite or Bluestone Pavers from the newly launched Tuscan Path Paver range, are extremely strong and durable and ideal for edging garden beds subtly, whilst remaining on trend with their darker colour palette.

An Urban Oasis

As urban blocks get smaller, getting back to nature requires a little creativity. Rooftops and balconies provide fantastic spaces for both entertaining and relaxing, and are relatively easy to landscape into your own secluded escape. Durable, low-maintenance pavers will add style and durability for high traffic areas.

Use outdoor furniture to define specific areas, and varying pavers to create different moods. Create the illusion of more space by carrying pavers upwards to create a focal point on an otherwise bland wall in a courtyard space.

For a touch of serenity, the gentle trickle of a water feature is a fantastic addition, bringing a relaxed ambiance that will assist in the passive cooling of outdoor spaces. Taking a modern twist on the traditional bamboo water feature, the ‘Osaka’ by Tuscan Path is a stunning option for a range of contemporary garden designs.

Alternatively, the ‘Albert’, also from Tuscan Path, is almost unrecognisable as a water feature. This design sees water flow on an eternity cycle as it clings to the stark surface of the sphere before being effortlessly captured by the rectangular plinth below.

Finding your flow

The trend of outdoor and alfresco living spaces continues to grow in popularity, creating a seamless flow between homes and outdoor rooms. A must this year, the use of expansive glazing will open up the room view from the inside out. Couple with flowing paving that connects both the inside and outside areas to provide a seamless transition into nature.

Pavers need to be robust for longevity and safety. This includes handling humidity and heat from both the Australian climate and factors like cooking appliances. Tuscan Path Porcelain Pavers offer strength, easy maintenance and high slip and stain resistance. Choose a natural colour, such as Taupe Porcelain Paver or Charcoal Porcelain Paver to draw the outdoors, in, creating a seamless transition within the home.