Perfecting plant style in your home

27 August 2018

Plants give a home’s interior a feeling of freshness and calmness and are an ideal decorating solution for that added personal touch and panache.

However it can be difficult deciding what plant is best for what space, which is why Henley has created the below guide.

Go potty over plants

Henley colour design and electrical consultant Rachael Frost says that different plants suit a diverse range of rooms and spaces. 

“For the bathroom, where it is often humid and steamy, go for creeping vines, ferns or succulents.  In the living room, there is array of indoor plants to choose from including Monstera Deliciosa, Banana Palm, Rubber Plant and Peace Lily.  Kitchens can also get their splash of green with Bonsai and Fiddle Leaf Fig, while in the bedroom, try going for Aloe Vera and the soothing fragrance from Lavender.”

Go faux

Artificial plants are looking more lifelike than ever and are ideal for the non-green thumbs in any household.  There is no need to water or feed them but you may have to dust them once in a while.

“Faux plants are ideal in spots where potted plants may struggle.  Darker rooms such as the Theatre room, is a perfect place to display a faux palm,” says Rachel.

Choose the perfect spot

When adding a plant in any space, it is important to decide where the green focal point should be.  From a bookcase, a mantelpiece to the kitchen bench or coffee table, you want to make sure that there is a balance of colour and texture in the space. 

“Even the laundry will come to life with a hanging fern. You may want to add some green in your soft furnishings, like a cushion or other décor, to bring out the vibrancy of the potted plant,” says Rachel.

Give the light

For real plants, make sure that they have access to direct sunlight.  In kitchens, real plants can thrive in a suite of spots including the grand island bench, in the open shelving or even on top of the fridge.   

Plant perfection tips

Rachel says with plants, like with any piece of furniture, it is important to look at the big picture on where and why you have chosen that particular plant.

  • If you have an empty space and it has good natural light, it is a great starting point to get a plant
  • If you want to create a focal point or give a space some dimension – a plant will be perfect
  • If you have a neutral palette, a burst of colour from a plant will give that room perfect balance and harmony

Potted plants pizazz

While potted plants give a room a positive energy and purify the air, you need to be mindful that they are living things and need care and maintenance.  Before you buy a living plant, make sure you read the instructions as certain plants can only survive and thrive in specific environments.  A checklist to consider includes:

  • What season they thrive in
  • How much natural light they require
  • How much water they need
  • If they need repotting
  • How big they grow
  • Check if the plant can be poisonous to pets
  • Fertilise and herbicide for plants to ensure no pests can ruin your plant

Once you decide on which plants go where, you will find your interior spaces are transformed from a raw and one-dimensional space to a room which is more inviting and eye-catching.

As the editor of BUILD I have a keen interest in sustainable housing and new technologies.