Pipe Relining: The Best Strategy to Repair Damaged Pipes

15 March 2022

Does your rental develop a serious blocked drain on its sewer pipe? It could be a nightmare. Not only for your tenant but for you as a landlord as well. A plumber will suggest two methods to solve the problem: pipe replacement or pipe relining Sydney. 

Replacing the pipe will involve a team of plumbers who will dig trenches, remove the concrete slabs, dismantle the walls, or any obstruction above ground to locate and replace the damaged pipe. 

Pipe relining, on the other hand, completely repairs the pipe from the inside. Using a small access point, not bigger than one square meter to effectively apply the solution to the damaged pipe.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining in Sydney is not a new concept. This method of repairing damaged pipes has been available for a few decades now. However, it is not familiar with the residents as a method of pipe repair.

Until this day, excavation is still an option that many turn to. This method is tedious, expensive and time-consuming because the plumbers have to dig the yard and locate the damaged pipe to replace it. Pipe relining, on the other hand, is a trenchless method to repair damaged pipes. What the plumber needs to do is to create a small hole as an access point to the pipe.


The good thing about pipe relining in Sydney compared with pipe replacement is that it is a more cost-effective method of repairing damaged types as you need a plumber who can  access the damage from the inside. It uses an epoxy resin covered tube that is inserted into the damaged pipe and inflated. 

The resin tube will come in contact with the pipe walls. As a result,  the resin will adhere to it and form a protective coat inside the damaged area of the pipe and seal it. With drain relining Sydney, it will leave the pipe works brand new.

An additional step before inserting the inflatable tube in pipe relining is cleaning the pipe. It is a vital step because it removes the dirt on the inside of the pipe. Without cleaning, the resin will not properly adhere.

Plumbers use a hydro jet cleaner or an electric drain cleaner to clean the pipes. After cleaning, they will use a CCTV drain camera to inspect the pipe to ensure that they are ready for the pipe relining process.  

After inserting the tube and letting the resin adhere to the inside of the damaged pipe, it will be left to cure. Once the resin has cured, it will create a hardened and formed seal on the inside of the pipe. 


The Pros and Cons of Drain Relining

Pipe relining is deemed as the best solution of plumbing maintenance systems for repairing difficult and damaged pipes because it has a lesser impact than any other options for pipe repair.  Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Less intrusive
  • Provides long-term solution when done right
  • Less intensive
  • Offers longer warranty

However, no matter how good pipe relining Sydney is, there are some drawbacks that you have to consider, including:

  • Materials can be costly
  • Not applicable to all kinds of damages to the pipes
  • Roots can still grow on the unrelined portion of the pipes
  • A pipe can still have leaks if the relining is not done by an expert

So is pipe relining Sydney the best pipe repair method?

Is Pipe Relining the Best Strategy to Repair Damaged Pipes?

The plumbers in Sydney agree. When comparing pipe relining with pipe replacement, you will see that the benefits from the former outweighs its drawbacks. 

Pipe relining can repair a host of damages to the pipes including cracks and root intrusions. It is more cost-effective than replacement because you can do away with the excavation that takes longer than a day, in most cases.

In pipe relining, only a small access point is needed, and therefore it does not disturb your garden or landscape. Pipe relining can be a good solution for homes with old pipes to prevent any structural damage to the plumbing system. It can extend the pipe's life expectancy to another 20 to 50 years.

Why do pipe excavation and replacement still exist when pipe relining is an excellent solution to damage pipes? That is because there are kinds of damages where pipe relining is not fit as a remedy. So, pipe replacement is still needed.

For example, if the pipe is severely damaged or crushed, pipe relining Sydney won’t work. You still need to excavate and replace the pipe. Also, if there is a stubborn blockage on the drain that cannot be removed or extreme root damage that an inflated tube cannot pass through, pipe relining will not be possible. Pipe alignment issues will not be repaired with pipe relining too.

In Summary

Both pipe relining and pipe replacement works in repairing damaged pipes. However, consider pipe relining Sydney first as it is a more cost-effective option with minimal disruption to the property.  

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