Pool Maintenance - Taking All Right Steps

08 June 2020

Swimming pool maintenance is vital at all times in all seasons, especially during winter. Many different issues are depending on the season, for example during fall the issue is likely to be falling leaves and other debris, while in winter the issue is likely to be a blanket of snow and other issues like chemicals balancing, etc.

Pool maintenance is very important and there are several types of pool maintenance tasks necessary to maintain a pool. This article describes the types of pool maintenance activities necessary to ensure the pool is clean. It is a must-read for those using their favourite search engine with keywords like ‘swimming pool shop near me”. 

Tips & Tricks for Swimming Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool requires constant maintenance to ensure it is clean, the chlorine levels are up to the mark, pool pumps are working in order, etc. Listed here are several tips and tricks to maintain a clean swimming pool: 

  • Pool Cover: One of the best methods to ensure it remains clean at all times is to make use of a pool cover. This is useful in many different weather conditions like summer & winter, especially during harsh weather conditions. A pool cover is highly effective in protecting the pool from snow, debris as well as animals. It is also useful to have a pool cover for those who have pets around the house. It is highly beneficial to invest in a pool cover during winter since it attaches to your pool quite securely. It is useful for an above ground pool as well as an in-ground pool. It is good practice to remove plant debris if any as well as vacuum to remove excess water. It is also good practice to remove all snow off the pool cover to prevent the excess weight from causing damage. 
  • Pool sections: A swimming pool consists of many working parts and many of them are out of sight. It is easy to fail to consider these hidden pool parts during regular maintenance. This can be affecting the normal condition of the pool and result in costly repairs later. All parts of the pool should be kept in proper working condition at all times and also ensure they receive proper maintenance. Some of the important sections that require frequent maintenance include: 
  • A pool pump requires regular maintenance as does the filter and heater since it can lead to costly repair work if not done so. 
  • Pipes are vulnerable to cracking due to frozen water hence it is vital to remove excess water from the pool since they can lead to larger problems. 
  • Pool chemistry: Winter is a time when many people stay away from the water and pack up their pool either using a special pool cover or by draining it out. However, there are a few who do not prefer to drain it during winter, in which case it is necessary to maintain the chemical balance. A pool that is a well-balanced chemical will help prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, etc. 

It also prevents the need for decontamination. Thus, it is good practice to check the pool chemistry on a regular basis like every two months when it is not in use. Enzymes products help break down non-living contamination and prevent the formation of waterline rings. Pool tiles are often affected when not used for a prolonged amount of time. 

Pool maintenance is important irrespective of the type of weather conditions. It is common for homeowners in warmer climate conditions to abstain from covering their pools. However, it is still important to ensure the pool is clean prior to use to maintain proper hygienic conditions. For those who maintain water in their pool during winter, they should be aware that when the weather gets warmer the ice will start to melt. This can lead to cracking of pipes or leak in the pool liner. It is important to take appropriate measures to prevent this.