Practical Landscaping 101

04 June 2020

 Committing to a landscaped garden can be a huge and intimidating undertaking if proper planning is not equated into the entire initiative. The issue or rather the problems faced by most D.I.Y landscapers usually revolves around the lack of planning which in most case scenarios blow their budgets and end up with a badly landscaped garden or both. In order to avoid this type of situations and in order to have a garden that is not only beautiful but also practical. 

Planning in other words is a critical success factor towards ensuring that the entire process moves smoothly. Plot out the entire area and plan what happens to every square foot of the location, where the flowerbeds go, where the plants go, what type of plants, what type of flower combinations, the footpath, the brick wall, the water fountain, the pond, the benches, the trees and the drainage system, everything must be listed and placed on paper before actually bringing them into reality. Apart from that it is also important to determine the workforce you will be requiring, for instance you should consider using an excavator hire instead of hiring 5 muscled workers. 

This is simply because taking everything into consideration, an excavator hire would be able to flatten the ground, dig holes for drainage and ponds and are able to demolish existing structures much faster than 5 labourers. These sorts of decisions (renting an excavator instead of hiring workers to do the same thing) saves time and money and gets the job done in a much more efficient, cost effective and convenient way. 

Other factors that should be taken into consideration as you embark on a landscaping mission are to know your landscape geography from every perspective possible in order to truly be able to capitalise on the geographical elements. What this means is, you should know the positions of the sun throughout most of the day, the regular wind directions, and the positions of full moons etcetera. Knowing these things will help you to build your garden in a practical way, for example you might decide to position a concrete bench and a concrete table that faces the post morning sun. 

This would be a nuisance to those sitting on the bench as the sun would be staring them right in the face from noon right up to sunset, which can be annoying especially from lunch to tea time.  As for ornaments and extras such as statues or fountains/ pond, which are generally regarded as focal points that are meant to enhance the level of satisfaction that one is able to derive from your personal garden of Eden, start small and leave space for enhancements and new additions as this will allow you to literally change the scene from time to time without incurring excessive cost. 

There is nothing more pleasurable to own than a beautifully landscaped garden for homeowners and the plus point to that is the fact that the property value will increase quite significantly.