Prefab Container House for Private Living

16 March 2023

Prefab Container House for Private Living

This container house is very popular nowadays. We have professional technicists to make customzied design and do our best to meet customers’ requirments.


Our factory is located in Handan City, Hebei Province, covering an area of 67,000 square meters, equipped with roller cold rolling machines, automatic graphene powder spraying coating production line, Germany imported automatic sandwich panel production line, door and windows processing machines, etc. Our annual production can reach 45,000 sets container.



Galvanized steel 2.0-2.5mm thickness


Graphene powder electrostatic spraying, 100-120μm thickness


0.4mm steel sheet for ceiling and cover, 50mm fiberglass with single aluminum foil


50mm thickness and 55kg/m3 density fiberglass sandwich panel


structure + moister proof film + MgO board + PVC floor

Door & Windows

specially made fireproof door*1, double-glazing PVC windows with screen and security bar *2

Electric system

socket, switch, breaker, light

Water supply and drainage pipe

Prefabricated in our factory

Bathroom fittings

Toilet, washbasin, mirror, shower, etc

Other fittings as your request

Exhaust fan, bath heater, etc


Chinese standard, Australian standard,      

American standard, European standard, etc


6 units/40' HQ (Bulk pack)

2 units/40' HQ (Finished pack)


Advantages of Modular Container House


1. A new type of industrialization

Large-scale assembly line production -- the unit modules of the box house are all completed on the assembly line in the factory. The size is standardized, the quality control is strict, and the production efficiency is high, which realizes the scale production and the effective control of the cost..


2. Safe and durable

The structural strength of the modular container house has been tested by the special test bench. The structure is safe and reliable, with seismic level 8 and wind resistance level 12. The service life is more than 20 years. With stronger seismic, compression resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, snow, wind performance.


3. Range of application

According to different needs, the prefabricated box room can be designed into office, accommodation, hall, toilet, kitchen, dining room, recreation room, conference room, clinic, laundry room, storage room, command post and other functional units.


4. Portfolio diversification

Assembled box room gives designers greater flexibility, with a single box as a unit, can be arbitrary superimposed combination.A modular unit can be either a whole room or several rooms, or it can be part of a larger room.It can be assembled and combined in any length and width direction, and can be stacked three levels, and can be added with shaped roof, terrace and other decoration.


5. Saving energy and protecting environment

Adopting the mode of "factory manufacturing + site installation", the project can reduce the construction water consumption and concrete loss by about 60%, reduce the construction waste and decoration waste by about 70%, save energy by about 50%, and improve the overall production efficiency by about 2-3 times.The Spaces formed between units of different shapes will be used for greening, planting turf or various ornamental plants, potted plants, etc. Reasonable use of these Spaces will save more land.


6. Mobile and convenient

The assembled box room has good overall performance and convenient movement, which can be well adapted to modern transportation modes such as highway, railway and ship.And the relocation does not need to be separated, can even the box with the goods to move together, no loss, inventory, can also be used for many times, that is, fast and save money, and the residual value is higher.


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