Prepare Your Home for Summer Months

29 November 2017

The summer is at our doorstep, only a couple of days away. If you haven’t prepared your home for the upcoming season, you still have some time. Here is a checklist of things you need to tend to.

Boost insulation

If you haven’t done this already, you may want to rush to complete the task before the true heat strikes. This will include insulating your walls, the roof and replacing windows. Your double glazed windows should be replaced by triple pane windows. If you do not have the financial resources to do all of this now, you can repair drafty windows. Roofs are usually poorly isolated which should not be the case seeing that hot air goes up and it additionally heats up in the attic which then makes it impossible to cool the upper floor and the attic itself.


Keep away from the sun

Since it may be slightly too late even for planting fast-growing trees, you can install awnings on those windows which are exposed to the sun. Looking at my house, the front gets sunlight in the afternoon but I have trees planted there so that side is covered. The back gets direct sunlight in the morning when it is not too hot and then it travels further. The side where the bedroom gets direct sunlight throughout the entire day and there is nothing but the lawn in that section of the yard. This is why we had to place awnings to prevent the room being warmed up by the beaming sun. Use solar screens, blinds, and window shutters to provide additional protection during the hottest part of a day.



Install door and window screens to protect your home from flying and climbing insects. Fill any cracks in walls. This also applies to areas around pipes as they usually have very little space around them but just enough for small rodents to go through. Use door sweeps to seal the gap underneath the door and stop pests from crawling in when you are not expecting them. Clean the pantry and treat any parts of your home which are frequently visited by ants.

Water-proof your home

Apart from hiding from the sun and the heat, you should also make sure you are protected from heavy rain and wind. The above-mentioned trees that you may or may not have can help you protect your house from the strong wind. If you still have none, make sure you plant them for the years to come. Check your roof to see if there are any loose tiles and fix them if you come across any. Check and clean the gutters. Make sure they are not damaged by corrosion or loose. Check the basement and t for any cracks, fill them as they may let the water through. Service your water pump to make sure you have it ready if needed and lookup the instructions on how to use it properly so you do not hurt yourself and it does not break. Your first issue is that a lot of water can be hard to handle and the second that water and electricity should not really be mixed.

Prepare the yard

The greatest perk of summertime is that we can spend a lot of hours outdoors (when we are not hiding from the heat). This is why you should rush to get your yard in order. Pressure-wash the paths and the driveway. Trim the grass, the shrubs, and the trees. Dedicate special attention to your flowers as they may be sensitive to the upcoming heat. Make sure you have appropriate watering system or schedule in place to keep everything perky. You should clean your patio and the furniture. Create party conditions by setting up a pool area and preparing the barbecue for the many events. Growing a vertical garden will not only help you stay in touch with the latest trends but will also provide the necessary shade and cover for the lack of trees.


Prepare air conditioning and ventilation

Installing an air conditioning for the summer months is a must for most households, but having one is not enough. Temper Troops Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast-based company explains that maintaining your AC and HVAC systems regularly is the key to their durability and efficiency. Make sure you keep the filters and your condensing unit clean to be sure that they function properly and to achieve a satisfying air quality. Also, make sure that your attic is ventilated properly to stop the hot air from building up and heating up the house.

Another important point to prepare for the months to come is to insure your home from natural disasters. Let’s hope that everything will be ok but it does not hurt to be cautious. Investing a little now can help rebuild your life later.

Victoria is journalist, freelance stylist and a girl a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about writing, sharing tips and DIY projects.