The Process of Cabinet Refinishing

07 July 2020

One of the most cost-effective ways to update your kitchen is to refinish your cabinets. The cabinets are the biggest component of the kitchen and the major focal point. Updating them with cabinet painting can rejuvenate the entire room. If your cabinet joinery is sturdy and the boxes in good condition, they can be painted.

Cabinet refinishing is a significant and challenging job and is best left for professional painting companies that offer cabinet painting in Winnipeg. A trained professional will get the job done quickly, efficiently and properly giving you better, long-lasting results.

Here is the general process of cabinet painting:

Removing the original finish:

The first step in cabinet refinishing is removing the old finish. First the cabinet doors and drawers will be removed to be worked on. In most cases, chemical stripping will be used to remove the finish. Different finishes require different stripping chemicals and a cabinet refinishing company will know the best method and products to use.

Preparing the surface:

Once the finish is removed, the surface will have to be prepared before the painting can begin. All the surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and sanded so the new finish can adhere to the surface. Properly preparing the surface will help protect that beautiful wood grain you want to highlight, produce better results for the finished project and ensure the job lasts for years to come.

Painting or staining the surface. Finally, the painters will apply the new finish, whether it be a coloured paint or wood stain. There are so many finishes to choose from. You can find inspiration with these kitchen cabinet refinishes on Pinterest. If you like the natural look of wood, you might choose a stain with a clear lacquer to make wiping up easier. Or perhaps you will choose a bright and bold paint colour. 


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