The Pros of Using Insulated Glass Panels for Your Home

24 September 2019


Most of the people are looking for a strong, durable, and protective door for their home and commercial buildings. The older style glass panels were strong enough to withstand heavy rainfall but didn’t protect us from UV rays. The best part about the insulated glass panels is they light up the room, making it look more spacious while protecting us from the harmful ultraviolet rays. The commercial glass doors are mostly supported by an aluminum frame to keep us safe and away from accidents caused by glass breakage.

The Downfall of Fiberglass

The fiberglass panels can be broken easily, which has led to many burglars taking away the contents. The thieves target fiberglass windows and doors to break through and enter the buildings and house easily. People are constructing buildings for rental use and use fiberglass doors to save costs.

Moreover, the fiberglass commercial glass entry doors lack insulation which leads to shattering of glass in extreme cold. Even the basic acts of opening and closing the glass door lead to significant damage in the cold weather. Not only this, the fiberglass doors fade and give a dingy yellow color after exposure to direct sunlight. The poor quality fiberglass panels become noisy during the wind storm, and this issue keeps on escalating.

The fiberglass panels are not suitable for coastal high wind zones as they incur severe damage in moderate storms and hurricane-force winds. The primary step for installation should be getting building code approval before the installation of fiberglass windows and doors in these zones. The low cost of the fiberglass doors and windows made them the first preference of commercial setups as well. One should avoid fiberglass doors and windows on the vulnerable point of structures. Also, cutting costs by installing cheap fiberglass panels in building probably not a good idea and you may end up paying manifolds if an accident takes place.

To avoid accidents happening due to broken glass window and doors, installing good quality insulated glass unit is the solution. The change in temperature cracks and worn out the bad quality glass panels. The breakage of fiberglass windows and doors often leave people clueless and wondering. In such cases, one should consider replacing the fiberglass windows and doors with insulating glass. The insulating glass windows are durable, reliable, and last long.

If you hire someone to repair a broken window, it costs a lot. It’s always better to replace them as repairing, again and again, burns a hole in the pocket whereas replacing takes only a few minutes, insulated glass and an expert to get the job done. With the technological advancement, it is easier to get it changed and have tougher and long-lasting insulated glass windows installed to avoid incidents happening, one after another, disturbing your flow of work.


It is advisable to see an expert to get the best-insulated glass windows and doors for your home. They give you a list of manufacturers providing high-quality products and installation in a few days. Choosing the low-cost glass windows and doors often lead to accidents digging into one’s pocket.

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