Reasons Why Annual Termite Inspections are Essential

12 October 2021

Termites are small and secretive pests that make them challenging to identify and control. Often a termite problem goes undetected for months, and by the time the homeowner learns of their presence, it is too late. And as long as they stay inside their property, the destruction will keep increasing.

Therefore, it is essential to catch the early signs of an infestation. It is only possible to identify the early signs of a problem by getting your property professionally inspected for pests. Since only a professional has the right skills, equipment, and experience required to catch any early signs of a pest infestation, it is vital to get your home inspected annually by a professional. However, there are more reasons why you should get a yearly pest inspection. They are;

Helps Maintain a Healthy Home:

As you may already know, termites do not spread any deadly diseases. However, they can cause someone susceptible to have an allergic reaction or an asthma attack.

It is especially possible if the allergens and dust from the nest spread to other areas of your home through the air conditioning or heating/ventilation system. Therefore, getting your home inspected annually allows you to identify early signs and get rid of the infestation as soon as possible.

Reduces Costs of Repairs and Replacements:

All houses are either built with a wooden framework and foundation or have wooden furniture, making them attractive to wood-eating pests. Since termites love munching on wood and timber items, within no time, your wooden furniture or framework will start showing signs of wood damage caused by these pests.

If there are termites in your house that are targeting your home’s wooden framework, they are weakening the structure and foundation, making it dangerous for you and your family to live in. With annual inspections, you would be able to catch any insect activity and prevent further wood destruction which would also reduce your expenses for repairs and replacements.

Provides Peace of Mind:

We can all admit that just the thought of having an existing pest infestation, or worse - termites, makes us feel stressed and uncomfortable. Not only are we worried about our wooden furniture getting damaged, but also the increasing costs for repairing or replacing the ruined goods.

A simple inspection yearly will help keep your mind at ease by chasing away your worries.

Better Resale and Higher House Value:

Did you know? A house with an existing or old termite infestation has a lower property value and resale value than a house with no termite problem and a house that conducts yearly inspections. Yes, that’s right! A house that has proof of annual pest inspections seems attractive to buyers and unattractive to termites!

By conducting annual inspections, you can increase your house value even if there was an infestation in the past as it indicates that the potential buyers wouldn’t need to worry about a reoccurring infestation.

Professional Expertise:

Any early signs of a termite infestation are mainly noticeable to a professional expert and not to most homeowners who lack the necessary skills, equipment, knowledge, and experience in dealing with termites.

A professional expert will be able to identify any signs of pest activity, let you know what factors are making your house susceptible to them, and how to prevent them from returning to your property. Therefore, it is essential that you only get your home inspected by a professional expert every year.

How to Remove Termites from Your House?

When it comes to termites, the sooner you act, the better it would be for you and your property. To remove and prevent termites from invading your property, you would need to follow a few steps, which are:

  • If you notice any termite activities, you should contact your local pest removal expert and get an inspection and treatment for your property as soon as possible to reduce further damage to your furniture and home
  • To ensure that these pests do not return, you should sign up for an annual inspection service so that even if they do return, you can treat the infestation as soon as possible
  • If you do notice any termite activity in your property before your scheduled inspection, inform your pest control company and ask them to schedule the visit for a date sooner
  • Besides these steps, you should also keep your house clean, fix any leakages, seal any entry points, ventilate your home to reduce moisture build-up, and use efficient treatment.

In a nutshell, termites can cause a significant amount of destruction to your property if not removed as soon as possible. The only way to identify any early signs of an infestation is by getting a home inspection service annually. Therefore, annual home inspections are vital.

About the Author: Muzi Tsolakis is the owner of Protech Pest Control in Australia, recognised for their cost-efficient termite treatment and reliable termite protection.

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