Remodelling Your Bathroom? 2020 Says You Need These Changes!

24 September 2020

Have you been hoping to get bathroom renovations done in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Would you like to know more about the kind of refurbishment processes you could opt for while getting your bathroom renovations done in the eastern suburbs? If so, we can help you!

With the latest ideas of bathroom redesigns ready for you, we’ve built a list of some of the most essential changes for your bathroom this 2020.

 Low flow toilets

With the call of global warming far and wide in worldly grounds, it’s important to do what you must to save water. Besides taking measures and having smart showers, it’s equally important for you to turn your home into a sustainable ground.

Having a low flow toilet not only eradicates the possibility of wasting huge amounts of water when you flush, but it also gives you the benefit of keeping your bathroom clean. Moreover, the low flow toilet ends up taking half the room a regular toilet would, allowing you to have much more space in the bathroom.

It’s time you get yourself a window

One of the top reasons why people tend to get uncomfortable in their bathrooms is because of the absence of a window or a bathroom fan. With the humidity and moisture getting trapped in the same room that you clean yourself in, you might begin to feel suffocated (and oftentimes, dirty) due to this.

Installing a window in a bathroom is a change that you will end up being grateful for in the long run. All you need to do is open it up after you’re done with your shower and your bathroom will soon be fresh and dry!

Get yourself some recessed shelves

Recessed shelves have easily grown to be one of the most popular designs in houses. With people investing in recessed mirrors for medicine cabinets within their bathroom and even recessed bookshelves in their living room, they’re easily one of the best additions to your home if you’re trying to save some space.

Bathrooms are relatively tiny spaces. Surviving the purpose of reviving your hygiene, bathrooms tend to be as good as a tiny two-foot walk. To help you store away your makeup, your towels and even your medicines, you can build recessed shelves to help you save space in your bathroom.

Improve the lighting

Bathrooms need good lighting. Since most bathrooms don’t have access to natural lighting, it can be difficult to use a bathroom if it doesn’t have the right lighting. While there is always the option of keeping a clear glass window in your bathroom, it’s important to consider that you could be using the bathroom for putting on your makeup and following your skincare routine as well.

Without proper lighting, you will end up putting too much strain on your eyes and ultimately, have trouble with a lot of your daily activities. A bathroom renovation is an ideal time to get your lights changed to be as good as new.

Change your shower tiles

If you want to change up your bathroom a bit but don’t know what you can do in terms of design - a change in your shower’s tiles can help. With many people switching to checkered tile designs for bathroom flooring, adding it to the shower’s section allows you to build an invisible boundary between the toilet and the shower, whilst also adding a hint of colour to your bathroom.

If you’re looking for a company that can help you carry out the changes you have planned for your bathroom, you can reach out to The Renovation Hub, today. With years of experience and a profile of satisfied clients, you can get the results you want for your bathroom, now!