Removing Hazards From Flooring

31 October 2018

Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere.

Whether you’re in the home, the workplace, the shops, along a pathway or a pavement, there’s always a possibility that you may trip up, but there are certainly things that can be done to make a floor or surface less risky.

When a flooring material is inappropriate for the location, is damaged, in poor condition, uneven or is contaminated, the risk of slips, falls, trips and skids is heightened.  Smooth hard surfaces also increase the risk of slipping plus incorrect cleaning and wet conditions can also affect the slipperiness of flooring.

Choosing the right floor covering for the application, keeping it well-maintained and removing any hazards will reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Here are our top tips for removing hazards from flooring:

1.            Clean up spills immediately

Spills can make a floor more slippery - especially when a viscous liquid like oil or grease has been spilled onto the floor.  Any spill should be cleaned up promptly and thoroughly.

2.            Remove clutter

Loose objects, obstructions and clutter on the floor should also be picked up immediately to help reduce the risk of a fall.  Loose gravel or other objects like gumnuts or fallen twigs should also be collected as soon as possible to avoid being a tripping hazard.

3.            Fill cracks and fix variations

Unexpected or inconsistent variations in the surface level need to be smoothed out and any cracks, holes and dents filled as soon as possible to make the floor as safe as possible.

4.            Improve lighting

If a walkway or footpath is dimly lit, the risk of a slip or fall is exacerbated.  Motion sensor lights which come on automatically, solar-powered lights built into the pathway or overhead lamps are all ways of mitigating this risk and keeping things as safe as possible.

5.            Use appropriate equipment to fix a trip hazard

When a concrete floor has been deemed to be a safety hazard (ie if it is cracked, uneven, has protrusions, is contaminated, slippery, damaged through rain etc), there is often a very effective way of dealing with the problem without necessitating full replacement of the floor. 

Concrete grinders and scarifiers remove layers of concrete as well as any adhesives, coatings, membranes or contaminants such as paint, oil or glue by virtue of their tough diamond grinding plates.   Concrete grinding removes the top finished layer of cement, leaving an exposed aggregate finish and restoring the trip and fall hazard back to compliance.

The machines are able to clean, repair and grind down hazardous surfaces to leave a textured finish, thereby ensuring that the floor isn’t slippery and that it maintains an appropriate level of grip.

A shotblaster is another type of concrete machine that is used to create a non-slip profile on floors.  

These machines propel fine ball bearings onto the concrete surface to remove any contaminants such as paint, dirt or laminates.  Despite sounding like a messy process, shot blasting is actually a very clean, dust-free, cost-effective and environmentally friendly and leaves the surface with a ‘sandpaper’ finish.

Shotblasters are also commonly used by professionals to achieve the very important 'slip ratings' and 'slip resistance' standards required by many industries such hospitals, education and retail. 

If you’ve got a query about how to remove hazards from your flooring or if you’re looking for any specialised concrete equipment rental in Perth, please contact Concrete Hire.

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