Renovating the Kitchen: Common Mistakes Bound to Happen with DIY Projects

13 December 2017

 Have you considered the kitchen renovations as another one of your DIY projects? Do think again. DIY projects can seem like an amazing idea as it wins you accolades for your efforts; but have you even considered the problems that arise with DIY projects? You could end up spending much more than initially estimated; or worse, end up having to redo the whole work again.

Professionals with experience do a much better job at kitchen renovations in Cairns and the best news is that places like Cairns, have not one but numerous agencies who offer their renovation services. In a DIY project, chances are that you end up making mistakes or overlooking certain things that professionals would never forget.


Renovating any space is a humongous task that includes may things to do, small and big. So, forgetting a few will be obvious for a novice. You have to consider all the variables to complete the project with finesse. Some of the common mistakes that people tend to make with DIY projects include:

1.   Not Paying Attention to The Small Stuff:

Small add-ons and storage features like additional drawers, cabinets and pantry pullout solutions can increase storage efficiency of the kitchen. Most of the times, this is something that does not come to our mind. If you remember it down the line, when work has progressed, this can burn a hole in your pockets.

2.   Forgetting The “Work Triangle” Of the Kitchen:

Work triangle refers to the sink, stove and refrigerator, the term triangle is used as their relation to each other resembles a triangle. These are the busiest areas of the kitchen and need to be placed at locations which are relevant to each other. If they are not placed in the proper locations, then chances are that the efficiency of the kitchen is affected adversely. You must keep that in mind while renovating the kitchen.

3.   Going Over Budget:

Whenever you head into a renovation project, you have to set a budget. Sticking to that budget is really essential; as that can be the difference savings and overspending. Often, you might go overboard and get a lot of things that do not need, so you need to start by making a list of things essential for a working kitchen. Make sure you have an idea of what you actually need, before you head in for a renovation project.

4.   Leaving Spaces Under or Unutilized:

Whenever you hear the word storage, you would think cabinets. This is the conventional kitchen storage units that all think about, but there are other spaces that can be used for storage as well. You need to get creative. Go over your kitchen floor plans, again and again, to find extra storage space. Doing this will reduce clutter, significantly.

5.   Going the DIY Route:

Do you love DIY projects? Even if you do, then taking help from a kitchen design expert might be a good idea. A professional knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This can help you save money, time and energy. Aspects that skip your mind can never skip the mind of an expert. They have been at this job much longer. So, you can be sure that they will provide both creative and innovative ideas. Moreover, they will tailor the ideas to fit your preferences and needs.  


Do you want a working and efficient kitchen or a chaotic kitchen? Remember that a professional has experience and expertise on their resume. They can easily get creative to find you the extra storage space, help you fine tune your renovation plans, save money by fitting and purchasing things when it needs to be done.

Moreover, the above-mentioned points are just some of the mistakes to avoid; there are many more aspects that might go wrong. Avoid all the common mistakes with the help of a professional and you will definitely have the kitchen of your dreams.