Renovating Your Home by Yourself, Should You Take the Plunge?

26 January 2019

Home improvement is not a new concept because people have been renovating their homes for as long as we can remember. There are many reasons why people choose to remodel their houses, but all of them fall into two categories: aesthetics and comfort and the desire to increase the property’s market value. Nowadays, DIY home improvements are on the rise. And if you want numbers, let’s quickly talk about the 2018 LightStream Home Improvement Survey where 35% of the total respondents wanted to handle the entire renovation project themselves. And, 70% of the respondents belonging to the millennial generation (people from 18 to 34 years old) millennial want to do most of the project with a little help from subcontractors. But what are the reasons why these people are so keen on doing the project themselves?  

People who have gone thru renovating their own houses by themselves gave two main reasons why they did so: it saved money and gave them more control over the project. By being your own contractor, you’ll be able to save on the 20 to 30 percent on contractor commission. And, you can take those savings towards buying higher end materials for your home.

Money aside, being in control of the project is one of the motivations on why people remodel their houses themselves. Because no matter how great your relationship is with your contractor, there are some things that won’t turn out exactly the way you want it.  By undertaking the renovation yourself, you have total control over everything. And, as icing on the cake you get bragging rights and the inexplicable feeling of seeing (and living in) the job that you’ve done yourself.



Things to Consider Before Doing Home Renovation by Yourself

We all have that one friend who remodeled their house like they were just putting an IKEA cabinet together which gets you into thinking if you too can do it. But, there are people who have gone past thinking and, have taken the plunge, and lived to tell the tale.  Because, let’s be honest, embarking on a home improvement journey on your own for the first time can be a stressful experience, to say the least. If you are on the fence whether you want to take on home remodeling yourself, here are some important insights and helpful advice from people who have gone thru the journey.

Be Prepared to Invest Time

The first thing that you should ask yourself if you are thinking about renovating your house or apartment on your own is this: “Do I have the time to invest so that I can follow the project from beginning to the end?”

The answer to this question is very important because the reality of taking on home improvement renovation for the first time by yourself very far from the home improvement shows that you see on TV where they finish remodeling an entire house in a span of a few days. Depending on the size of your renovation project, and the speed that you can get things done, it can take anywhere from a month to a few months to get the job done.   

If you decide to hire sub-contractors to help you, being around when the renovation is being undertaken doesn’t mean you don’t trust them. But the fact of the matter is that you need to monitor the work to see that it’s progressing the way that you want it. Remember that in the end, this is your home, and nobody else cares more about it than you.

Determine the Scope of Work and Stick to It

The next thing that you that you need to think about when you are going to undertake home renovation by yourself is to determine how big a project you are willing and are able to take on. Are you just going to renovate the kitchen? The bedroom? The living room? Or all of the above?



This is important because if you’ve figured out the scope of work that needs to be done, all the rest of the things that you need to do will follow suit. You can figure out your budget, plan phases of the work, make a schedule get the permits, hire sub-contractors, buy the materials, among the tons of things that you need to do.

Since you have total control over the project, it’s easy to change your mind in the middle of the build and decide that you want to add more work since well, you’re already doing it.  Resist the temptation to do so because if you do, you’ll never be able to finish anything.

Buy The Best Material You Can Afford

If you are renovating the house that you currently live in or are going to live in, don’t be cheap and buy the best material that your budget can afford. Quality materials last longer, and while initial investment is pricier, you'll get your money back because they’ll last for a long time. Keep this in mind as well when you are buying fixtures like faucets, showerheads, toilet bowls, sinks etc. You want something that can stand the test of time, and not break down after six months.  

Get All Permits Needed

Permits and bureaucracy are a pain in the proverbial behind but are a necessary part of any remodeling project. Depending on where you live in the world you might to do some research on what kind of permissions you need to get before you begin your home improvement project. The best place to start would be your local architects since they are the people who are most likely to know what kind of permits are needed before, during and after a renovation. Please note that paper works like these take time, especially if you are doing all the document processing yourself.  So make sure that this is accounted for when you make your schedule.

Learn When to Go Pro

In renovating your own house, there is a limit on how far you can actually get your hands dirty as there are some aspects in your DIY renovation that needs to be left to the pros no matter how skilled you are. As a general rule, electrical wiring, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and plumbing should be left to the pros because, again, depending on where you live, the law requires a licensed individual to do these things.

Be Considerate to Your Neighbors

No matter how big or small your renovation project is, you are going to be making noise, and because of this try your best to be considerate to your neighbors especially if you are renovating in an apartment or a condominium setting. Take time to talk to the people who you think will be affected by the noise, and if possible inform them of the work schedule. Unless you're renovating to sell, remember that you have to live with these people as neighbors, and you never know when you’ll be at the receiving end of all this noise.

Want to Renovate but Don’t Want to Do It Yourself?

If after all of these, you decide that you still want to renovate but you don’t want the stress and the hassle of doing it on your own, your next best option will be to approach your local construction company that specializes in residential construction and renovation. These people have professional project managers that will take care of everything for you from beginning till the end. They’ll also make sure that the work is kept within budget. You can also seek guidance through Wadav coupons and deal. Nowadays, even small construction firms make use of commercial construction project management software like Procore. This software basically monitors everything that goes into the renovation, and, this nifty software can be installed on your phone so you can get real-time updates on the project even if you're not there. In this way, you can still keep an eye on its progress wherever you are.

In the end, whichever way you want to approach home renovation, whether you want to do it the DIY way or thru a residential construction company, you’ll be sure to end up with a home that you will want to come home to at the end of the day.



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