Repair a Hole in Your Gutter

10 March 2022

Many people think that a few holes in the guttering system means that they have to replace it right away. Well, you're not far from the truth. Except the fact that you can postpone the gutter replacement with a few months if you patch the hole in time. Which means that the hole in your gutter needs to be fixed right after you notice it, to avoid possible further damage. As you know, the gutters have the important role of transporting the rain water safely away from the property, so it won't stain the exterior walls or damage your foundations. Well, if you have a hole in your gutter, it would be like having a giant hole on the road, it will prevent the proper functioning of the system, which is very bad in the long term. Don't worry, this type of gutter repair is quite simple, it requires mostly a metal patch and some roofing cement. Here's how you can do it:


1. Since most gutter holes are caused either by rust or by something hitting the gutter during a storm, the holes are usually asymmetrical and difficult to cover. Therefore, first you'll need to get the putty knife and scrape the area around the hole and the edges with it, to smooth any possible prickly elements which could harm you.

2. This specific gutter cleaning process is completed by brushing around the hole using the wire brush. This way you will efficiently remove any leftover rust and prolong the lifespan of your gutters. If the rust issue is severe, you can consider using a special solution to remove it from the surface.

3. Once the area is completely clean, it's time to pull out the caulking gun, insert a tube of roofing cement in it and apply gently a generous amount of it around the edges of the gutter hole. To be able to attach the metal patch successfully later, you will need to spread the cement a few centimetres around the hole, using the putty knife again. This way the cement will easily stick to a big part of the surface of the patch, and will attach it better.

4. Now it's time to gently place the metal patch on top of the gutter hole. Just make sure the patch covers the entire hole and some of the space around it. Press it towards the gutter and leave it to dry.

5. After the new gutter patch is completely dry you can cover it with some sealant to finish the repair. This will provide security against water and make it last a little longer.


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