Replacing Your Kitchen Ceiling? Here Are Ideas to Glorify Your Plan

17 March 2023


You are familiar with the adage - home is where the heart is, but you ought to know that the kitchen is also the heart of your house. It is the place where friends and family come together to have meals, relax, and re-connect with each other at the end of the day. But if the ceiling of your kitchen is looking dull and dingy or outdated, it’s time to act and plan a renovation.

You will have plenty of options to make the ceiling design more attractive but hiring an expert for home renovations Vancouver adds zeal to the project. Moreover, you will gain from the experience and skills of experts. With years of experience in renovation, professionals often recommend the kitchen ceilings to be installed at a certain height to ensure that the air movement is smooth and there is adequate room to breathe. When considering various ceiling ideas for your home, do not feel overwhelmed. Think about your personal styles and enhance the heart of your home with a welcoming tone.

Here are the ideas for glorifying your kitchen with different ideas

1.      Dropped Ceilings

Is your kitchen old? Consider a drop ceiling a.k.a a suspended ceiling. In this kind of ceiling, tiles are on a grid and are lower than the actual setting. The ceiling attracts a lot of stuff, which may be that the grid of tiles will help in hiding all that you cannot see. However, dropped ceilings may not look attractive.

2.      Drench the ceiling with colours

Do you like bold ideas? Try to drench the ceiling with colours and maximize its effect to add personality to the kitchen. Go monochromatic if you want and try different levels of saturation with a single colour to make the hub of your home look genuinely attractive and change its dimension completely.

3.      Beams

If you like the old-school style design for your kitchen during home renovation Vancouver BC, beams are back in trend. Even if your kitchen has a contemporary look, you can give it a rustic look with beams and lamps on the kitchen.

4.      Wallpaper patterns

Does your kitchen ceiling have a generic feature? The best way to transform the ceiling is by using a narrative of colours and patterns with attractive wallpapers. If you are looking forward to an individual look filled with personality, pick a geometrical, abstract, or botanical design to add an accent to the ceiling. Well, it is surely going to add a wow factor to the kitchen. Wallpaper is not just for hiding the odds in the kitchen walls but goes a long way in defining your kitchen when added to the ceiling. For custom home renovations Vancouver, you will get ample ideas and innovative concepts from Roadhouse Homes, one of the best-known across Vancouver for home renovations of varying degrees.

5.      Tray-like feeling

The look of a tray-like ceiling adds substance to the kitchen and creates an illusion of a high ceiling. That way, the ceiling looks much bigger and brighter and definitely more spacious.

6.      The coffered ceiling for elegance

Want to add symmetrical patterns to your kitchen ceiling? Want to keep the design simple and finish it one shade or add a playful or bright note may be. Try to add accessories to the kitchen like pendant lights, hang them in a balanced manner to add zeal to the kitchen and especially the island. Discuss your plans with a custom home builder Vancouver BC to accomplish your plans.

7.      Mirrored ceiling

Wondering if installing mirrors on the kitchen ceiling will work? Yes, it does. If your kitchen is white, think about a mirrored ceiling to add dynamism to the space. But, you must change the rest of the accessories as well to substantiate the shine and give your kitchen an aesthetic appeal. if you have been planning to add an unexpected touch to the ceiling and the entire kitchen, a mirrored wall is the right option to choose.

8.      Adding decorative tiles

Thinking of tiles making you feel meh? Well, pick fibre-based ceiling tiles to add texture to the kitchen but do not make the design clumsy or overpower the space.

You can elevate the kitchen ceiling in many ways to suit your budget and style. Be it drywall, wallpaper, beams, ceiling tile, or monochromatic paint, you can try to make the kitchen renovation worthy enough with different textures and patterns. That way, you can make home renovations Vancouver comfortable and add warmth to it.


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