Say No to Water Damage: All About the Different Types of Gutters for Your Home

04 November 2019

         You know that gutters are important. But which type should you go for? Read on to know about the different types of gutters you can choose for your home.

Different geographical locations experience heavy rains. Excessive amounts of water around a home causes damage when a drain system isn't present.

Like most homeowners, if you spend an average of $230,000 or more for your home, protect it. You need to know the best types of gutters available to preserve the structure of your home. 

Having a good gutter system keeps your basement and the bottom of your home from flooding. Other areas around the home like the garage and exterior doors get preserved. 

And, you salvage the beauty of your landscaping. 

If you know that gutters are important, but are unsure which type you should go for, read this. Find out here about the different types of gutters you can choose for your home.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is a classic trend when it comes to choosing gutter protection for your home. When it comes down to its versatility, the benefits are endless.

Most aluminum gutters are non-toxic and recyclable. They're highly resistant to corrosion and weather elements. And as for aesthetics, aluminum gutters have an attractive appearance.

They come in multiple colors, making them a great outside accessory to the home. They're also lesser in price and easier to manage. If you go with this option, consider adding gutter guards for a finishing touch.

European Gutters

In premier neighborhoods, the homes are a bit more high-priced. That's due to high-grade aesthetic features. 

If you have a home in such a location, consider Europan gutters. These gutters are very appealing to the eye and add a level of class to your home. They affix to the home with a half-round zinc or copper hanger.

The material is stronger. So, it stands up in areas prone to severe weather conditions. European gutters are also wider than usual, allowing more water to pass through them without backing up. 

No need to worry about excessive debris and collections of small insects. They wash away fast. 

Vinyl Gutters

If you're trying to go the pennywise way, give thought to vinyl gutters. They're a formidable alternative to aluminum gutters, but without the expense.

Most vinyl gutters come packaged pre-cut in sections and require more assembly. They don't hold much weight, which helps with the installation. 

Seamless Gutters Are Some the Best Types of Gutters

The issue with some gutters is leakage. Seamless gutters satisfy this issue. These are professional grade gutters but you have the choice to install them yourself.

When they arrive at your home, the delivery personnel performs a gutter run-out. This is when sheets of material flow out of a machine forming into gutters. They have no length limit.

And because they're seamless, they don't leak at any mid-points. That means a steady, faster stream of water rinsing through the gutter away from your home.

Consider a Gutter System

Different types of gutters safeguard your home from water damage and deterioration. 

If you don't have a gutter system in place, examine the benefits and prep your home for installation. 

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