Selecting Beautiful Benchtop for Your Kitchen - A Simple Guide

30 November 2017

Whenever you’re up with the decision to renovate your kitchen, you need to make a long list of important considerations. From fixtures and fittings to lights, kitchen appliances and colour scheme, there are myriad difficult choices you need to make to get your kitchen looking “just Wow”!

Amongst all, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is choosing an ideal kitchen benchtop. There is a huge range of different benchtop surfaces available, so you need to be cautious to go for the right one!

Hence, it’s important to understand the varied types of kitchen benchtops available before making a decision.  

Affordable Laminate Kitchen Benchtops

laminate kitchen benchtop


If you have a specific budget than say hello to the new style of laminate benchtops, which includes a broad colour palette with numerous choice of finishes, patterns and textures. It is quite durable and versatile that gives an amazing look to your kitchen. Overall, laminate benchtops add value to your kitchen keeping a watch on your pocket.    

Strong Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Quartz Stone kitchen benchtop


Engineered stone aka man-made product is one of the archaic styles in kitchen benchtops. Engineered stone surfaces are worth considering for a number of reasons. In fact, they offer akin attractive look as natural stone but with the added benefit of being less porous than the real thing, meaning less maintenance is required. On the top of all, you can get a high-performance surface with great stain, heat and scratch resistance. 

Timeless Timber Kitchen Benchtops

Timber kitchen benchtop


Timber is a classic yet a favourite benchtop material for many Aussies. Its design adds warmth and a rustic country feel to a kitchen. Timber benchtops are particularly a popular choice in varied styles of kitchen benchtop materials. In fact, using it with the combination of different materials is a great way to give a unique appeal to your kitchen. Hence, if you want to add a beautiful, natural design element to your kitchen, a custom timber kitchen benchtop is worth considering.    

Durable Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops

Steel kitchen benchtop


Stainless Steel’s hard wearing and durable nature has made it a well-known choice. It is versatile, easy to clean and extremely hygienic. The core benefit of stainless steel is that the sinks can be welded directly into the counter, giving the benchtop a completely flawless look. In addition to that, stainless steel doesn’t show joins, which produces a continuous seamless effect to your benchtop. So if you’re a keen chef, it’s not the cheapest option for many but it is worth to go with.

These popular benchtop options are available on the market; get the benchtop that flawlessly mingles with your kitchen decor and is easy on your pocket as well.