Should I Wall Mount My TV?

04 February 2020

TVs today are sleek, beautiful and slim, meaning they lend themselves to an aesthetically pleasing item of furniture that deserves to be proudly displayed. When it comes to whether or not this means wall mounting or standing it on a unit, there’s much to consider..

  1. Is the TV in question able to be wall mounted? This might seem to be stating the obvious, but there are still some TVs in circulation that belong to an era before wall mounting was the norm. Of course, most of today’s flat screens are designed for this very purpose, so in most cases the answer to this question will be yes.
  2. Do you own or rent? Those who rent their property will probably need to seek their landlord’s permission before drilling holes into the wall.
  3. Are you planning on moving any time soon? If so, you might be better off using a free standing unit for the TV, rather than going through the effort of wall mounting it, only to have to remove it in the near future.
  4. Do you regularly need to change the viewing angle of the TV? If so, wall mounting might not be the best option, unless you consider a swivel mount that enables you to move the TV to face different directions.
  5. Do you have enough free wall space? TVs – especially large ones – do look rather gorgeous mounted on a wall. But you do need enough space (and location) to do this, to ensure the optimal height of the TV and the best viewing angle.
  6. Are you going to revamp the room in the near future? If so, waiting until this is done would be preferable, as you may well decide the TV needs to be in a different location.
  7. Consider room to conceal cables, if necessary: You may well want to conceal trailing cables in the wall cavity, so is there enough room to do this? This is especially important if you’re mounting above a fireplace.
  8. What about other equipment? Do you have a receiver box? Some people still have DVD or blu ray players, and there might be other devices you want to connect to the TV. Consideration needs to be given to where these will be placed, such as shelves or a device cabinet.

One you’ve taken all that into consideration you can decide whether or not wall mounting is the way to go. The following are some of the benefits of securing your TV to the wall in any room of the house.

  • It saves space: And rather a lot of space too. So if you’re looking to maximise every inch of your home, then wall mounting makes a lot of sense.
  • It keeps the TV safely out of harm’s way: This is especially important if you’ve got kids or pets, as a heavy TV falling can cause damage (not to mention it’s a delicate piece of equipment that really doesn’t want to be knocked from a unit to the floor).
  • It looks really cool! Let’s face it, today’s TVs are designed to be wall hung. So pick your spot, conceal the wires and you’re all set for an eye-catching feature in any room or location.
  • It’s more than just a TV: When you’re not transfixed to a movie or binge watching the latest box set, a wall mounted TV doubles up as a great place to display your photos (they’re not only for Instagram, you know), or to showcase those awesome videos you’re forever shooting on your phone…

Do take the time to consider the optimal viewing angle for a wall mounted TV. It should be at a level where you don’t have to strain your neck and that gives the full benefit of great HD viewing. There’s a variety of different mounts available to ensure this is easily achieved, but the best route to the optimal mounting location is to seek advice from the experts.


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