Should you sell your furniture or move it?

27 October 2019

When you move to a new home you often have a lot to move with you. You'll have a lot to organise and it can be hard to work out where to start. If you have a lot of furniture to move, now is a good time to figure out what you really need and what you don't. Moving is the perfect time to declutter your home, so use this guide to help you work out which items of furniture you should sell, and which you should keep.

How furniture is moved

Professional removalists will look after your furniture from start to finish. If you're not sure if you want to move your furniture or sell it, you should think about how you want to move your furniture. Furniture will always be packed as securely as possible to ensure it's not damaged. Some fragile items, like glass furniture and televisions, will require extra attention to ensure they are kept safe. Removalists will also use packing material such as furniture pads, blankets, and specialised export wrapping to protect your furniture. Once your goods are packed up they will be transported safely to your new home. This will be done either by rail, sea, road, or air, depending on where you are moving to and how fast you want to get there.

What your items are worth

Going through all of your furniture and working out what is worth keeping and what isn't is a good way to find out the value of your belongings. Some furniture will have sentimental value, which means you may not want to get rid of it. Second-hand items that were picked up because they were cheap at the time are going to be much easier to throw away. The quality of the furniture will also determine how valuable it is. Any furniture made out of quality materials will be worth more and will give you spare cash to spend on other things. Selling any items you're not attached to will allow you to make some extra money.

See what fits

If you're moving into a smaller home you may not be able to bring all of your furniture with you. Downsizing can mean that you need to get rid of some of your furniture as it most likely won't all fit into your new home. It's a good idea to check the dimensions of your new home before you move so you can work out what will fit and what won't. This will allow you to plan what to get rid of accordingly Some furniture items will also be difficult to move, especially large or fragile items. Think about what's going to fit easily into your new home and what's going to be easy to move when working out which items to throw out.

Getting professional help

If you're not sure what you're doing with your move then it's a good idea to get professional help. Remvoalists are experienced at moving furniture and will be able to ensure your goods are looked after from start to finish. Having a removalist there to help you with your move will help ensure you have a stress-free experience. They will be able to cater to your every moving need to help you get your furniture safely from A to B.