Six styles to drive bathroom trends in 2020

06 February 2020

Beaumont Tiles has announced its six must-watch tiling and bathroom trends for 2020.

The retailer is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Beaumont Tiles design specialist Christie Wood says that when RJ Beaumont founded the company with a single store in Adelaide, unglazed mosaic floor tiles were the Aussie go-to-for all bathroom deisgn.

“Fast forward six decades and tile selections have notably shifted to embrace colour, texture, size and pattern and we take credit for this.”

She says that everyone has had access to the latest advancements in products thanks to Beaumont Tiles.

“Recent examples of this are our exclusive slab tiles sized up to three-meter tiles, in-store Exclusive Visualiser, InstaLay underlay and MicroTec tile technologies. And it is this continued push innovation that you can see reflected in Beaumont’s to-watch styles of 2020.”

After careful analysis of all 2020 style forecasts from industry trend leaders such as SCOUT, in conjunction with local customer intelligence, Beaumonts has identified the six to-watch life-trends that are sure to set your next bathroom renovation apart for years to come.  

Ms Wood’s six to-watch styles are: 

Unearthed Life

Worn and treasured, Unearthed Life reflects people’s desire to go back to basics and explore the purity of objects in raw, almost primitive design that is tactile and resonant. Think unfinished materials and rustic textures, misshapen ceramics and open celebration of imperfection and uncomplicated beauty.

Referenced Life

Lovers of luxury from every era will be in their element with Referenced Life. It does just as the name implies and references motifs from art deco, Bauhaus, 40s, 70s and soul are all blurred to create a soft medley of iconic design notes that is warm, inviting and progressive in appearance.

Foraged Life

Eclectic and creative, Foraged Life takes elements from both Scandinavian and Russian design, blending them into an organic wood-like setting. Earthy tones, with a casual and relaxed aura that is eclectic and creative, are the best way to achieve this look. 

Life Kind

Mass consumption is ebbing, and in its place is a paring back of our need to acquire unnecessary items and taking a more mindful approach to our impacts on the environment. From this the term ‘slow-sumption’ has been coined, and Life Kind reflects this broader social consciousness towards responsible living.  

Hybrid Life

Online and offline, urban and coastal – as Australians our lives have blurred, worlds colliding to dramatically change the way we engage with spaces and each other. These experiences, observations and interactions are creating forward-thinking spaces that reflect the shift in our social paradigm, and Hybrid Life is the design interpretation of this. 

Life Agenda

Life Agenda is an incredible hierarchy of elements spanning handwoven cloth textures, romantic timber patinas, rich colour pallets of deep blues, burgundy and bronze; then contrasted with pops of grey and green.