Sliding Windows: A Cost-Effective Option for Your Family Home

05 June 2019

When it comes to making the decision of buying a certain style window to suit your family home there are many things to consider.

With so many different style windows that all have varying benefits currently on the market, the decision to buy a certain type can be somewhat overwhelming and difficult.

In a family home, there are typically many windows which let in as much natural light as possible which is great for each family member’s physical and mental health but can also be a costly option depending on the choice of windows used.

Aluminium sliding windows are a great choice style and functionality. They are highly durable and require very little maintenance to keep them operating smoothly all year round.

This is especially useful when Australia experiences extreme weather during some parts of the year. In addition, aluminium sliding windows are weather resistant which is perfect for saving on energy costs throughout the year.

What is the price of an aluminium sliding window?

Throughout New South Wales and Victoria, aluminium windows start as low as $150* for the cost of the window excluding the cost of labour and installation.

In comparison to all other window styles on the market, choosing sliding windows is the most cost-savvy especially if your home will include many windows.

When buying windows in bulk, choosing the cheaper option is always going to be helpful in minimising the overall cost and saving wherever possible.

More bang for your buck with the cost of aluminium sliding windows

For a family home with many windows, sliding windows are a great option for many reasons including:

  • Affordability

    Sliding windows are the most cost-effective option for windows in any family home, costing the least when compared to other types of windows on the market.

  • Aesthetic

    Sliding windows in the home allow for a larger window space which means an increased amount of natural light entering the home.

    This can be beneficial in many ways, including improving the physical and mental health of everyone in the home. It is a proven fact that the more natural light one is exposed to, the happier they are and the risks of depression are significantly lower.

    It is known that humans need their daily dose of vitamin D, therefore, more natural light that enters the space, the healthier it will be for everyone.

  • Simple maneuvering

    Unlike many other style windows, sliding windows do not require any difficult maneuvering to function. To simply open or close them all you need to do is slide them along their panel.

  • Easy to clean

    A great benefit of sliding windows is that they require little-to-no maintenance and are super easy to clean!

    Cleaning windows is most likely one of the least anticipated household chores, however, cleaning sliding windows is not as hard as you might think.

    They are purposely designed to be lifted out of their tracks specifically to make cleaning them a simple task.

  • Flexibility in size

    Depending on whereabouts in the home you wish to include the sliding windows they are flexible in size.

    For example, for the kitchen and dining rooms, you have the option to request larger windows in order to let as much natural light and air in as possible, as opposed to the bedroom where you might prefer more privacy and choose to opt for higher sliding windows that are typically smaller in dimension.

  • Do not take up any space

    Unlike other styles, sliding windows take up no space within the home other than the wall they are situated on.

    This is particularly ideal for homes or rooms that are very small in size, leaving you to utilise the area as much as possible without taking up any vital space.

If you are looking for windows for your family home, A-Tech Australia are the aluminium experts. Based in two locations across Sydney they specialising in all types of windows for residential and commercial use.

For quotes on sliding windows or more information on other styles, get in contact with a friendly team member today on 1300 775 525 or fill out an online form and someone will get in contact with you as soon as possible.


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