Some Important Points to Know About Ducts If You Are a Remodeler

16 August 2021

HVAC system is one of the major home appliance. One of the significant  elements of an HVAC system is the ducts. Ducts are the basic building statures of any HVAC system, as it is responsible for carrying the hot or cold air from the main branch to the other parts of your house or office. It is very important to understand when you are using a cheap flexible duct, all the other workers involved in the installation of the system must be aware. 

A cheap flexible duct can be easily found in the market. The fact that it is cheap does make much of a difference with its working. The main demerit is that it has to be maintained and cleaned from time to time. However, there are several other ducts that are available in the market. Therefore, let us take a look at all the different kinds of ducts that are available.

flexible ducts

Different ducts available in market

A number of ducts are available in the market, and they are either differentiated by the purpose or the places where they will be installed. There are two basic kinds of ducts that are available in the market i.e., Flexible ducts and Rigid ducts.

  • Cheap flexible ducts come in various qualities and are generally tubular in shape. The inner lining of the duct is made up of wires, over which a sheet of bendable plastic runs. The outer layer of the duct is lined with an insulation material, that helps them to carry warm or cold air throughout, without losing them. 
  • Rigid ducts are generally made up of hard metal sheets and they are generally made in a square or rectangular shape. The inner and outer layers are lined with insulating materials to keep the air inside at the maintained temperature.

Mistakes to avoid when buying duct supplies

A cheap flexible duct that is available all over the market, comes in different qualities. However, sometimes we often make mistakes and buy ourselves the wrong ducts which later causes a problem. Therefore, let us look at some mistakes we should avoid while buying the ideal ducts.

  • Focusing on the price: Always keep a keen eye on the price of the material, but never let it hamper the quality of your duct. If you think a better price will get you better quality, then you might be wrong. Always look for the durability of the duct, rather than just focusing on the price of the duct.
  • Getting a rough size estimate: Do not take a rough estimate when you are trying to get the proper size of the ducts you would require, Take a proper  measurement of how much ceiling length you need to cover, and buy the right size.
  • Not taking help: It is always very helpful to take the help of a person who has better knowledge about cheap flexible ducts than just doing it yourself. It will always help you to find the best duct for your system. 

Rules to follow during your ductwork

There are certain important factors that you need to keep in mind while you are installing, flexible duct for your HVAC system

  • It is very important to keep the ductwork simple and not trying new and experimental ways.
  • It is very important to only use what’s required and avoid things that are necessary.

 It is essential to provide the cheap flexible ducts some support with the help of straps and seal them with Mastic.

flexible ducts


You should always keep in mind some basic points that will help you to choose the ideal duct for your system. Therefore, the next time you are out there looking for the ideal ducts, always keep the points discussed above in the article in mind.


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