‘Steeling’ a march with roof technique

09 October 2019

A re-roofing project in Netley, South Australia gave Boral Roofing the chance to showcase their particular technique, while also solidifying terracotta roof tiles as a timeless and favourite feature of Australian homes.

The original roof was dull and dilapidated but the re-roofing stands as a striking homage to a classic and traditional style.

The Netley home prior to re-roofing.

Boral almost exclusively uses steel battens, seeing them as a cost-efficient alternative to timber battens.

Boral South Australia area manager Michael Grantham says: “Timber is a finite source that is only becoming more expensive. Using steel battens means we aren’t at risk of timber increasing in price or lacking in stock.”

Using steel battens is also a quicker process as they are simply nailed to the timber frame rather than screwed in.

The Netley home mid-roofing.

The mahogany shade of the terracotta stands out against the white rendered walls of the home, reminiscent of a European country homestead, which gives the house a timeless look that will last for generations.

“With a terracotta tile, what you see today is what you’ll see in ten years,” says Michael.

The Netley project was a gable-to-gable, standard pitch roof completed over two days while the home owner remained in the house during the project.

“We won’t pull a roof right off, we only pull off as much as we can replace in a working day,” Michael adds.

The Netley home following re-roofing.

The home is a testament to terracotta, celebrating its classic aesthetic with innovative construction to transform the property.