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Stone Depot is one of the largest Importer and Distributor of Natural Stone in Australia from India, Turkey, China, Brazil with over 30 years of experience. We import high-quality stones with primary focus on timely delivery of products at a very competitive pricing.

Cobblestones Driveway Flooring for An Urbane Look     by   Stone Depot

27 October 2023

credit: Architecture is constantly evolving. There are new developments in internal walling, flooring, and landscaping. Those times are long gone when we believed that having simple driveways was our only choice. You can make your driveway, i.e...

Installing Outdoor Tiles on Concrete Bed     by   Stone Depot

27 September 2022

The technique for installing outdoor tiles is like that of putting inside tiles. However, the process may not be the same when it comes to installing tiles on a concrete surface in outdoor areas like alfresco or patio...

6 Helpful tips to maintain Travertine Tiles     by   Stone Depot

19 August 2022

Travertine is one of the classiest natural stones known to humankind. The soft colours and refined look of Travertine Tiles have no match. Travertine Tiles, whether used indoors or outdoors lend sophistication to the space...

Choosing the perfect outdoor tiles to make the most of summer at home     by   Stone Depot

15 June 2022

Summer is approaching and it would be natural to spend more time outdoors. Think Barbeque in the backyard, poolside evenings, or outdoor gatherings on sunny days. So, it’s time you create those vacation spots in your house and enjoy the benefits for many years to come...

What to consider while selecting driveway pavers     by   Stone Depot

27 April 2022

Driveway pavers are more than just functional stones in your abode. They elevate the appearance of the house and add more value to it. Besides using the space for vehicle movement, driveways often double as walkways, garden trails, entryways, and paths leading to storage...


Make your space stand out with Slate Tiles     by   Stone Depot

25 November 2021

Thinking of an alternate way to bring your indoor and outdoor space to life? Slate Tiles is an underrated option that can transform your space effortlessly. The metamorphic rock has fine grains of clay and volcanic ash that form beautiful and tough layers...

How can granite pavers be beneficial for your paving project?     by   Stone Depot

22 December 2020

Granite is one of the highest selling natural paving stones across the world. It is the ultimate luxury paving option. In other words, it is the crème-de-la-crème amongst all paving options...