Things You Shouldn’t do When Hiring Skip Bin

17 January 2020

Hire skip bins carefully

Hiring a skip bin is a great way to manage your waste in both ethical and simplified way. More and more individuals and small companies are realising the best route to better waste management is to make use of a skip. Still, many of these people could be first-timers hiring a skip.

Keeping them in mind, we are sharing these simple tips, which will ensure waste disposal best practices are observed.

Before you begin

One of the first things you should be thinking of when considering hiring a skip bin is the type of waste you are looking to remove. Be sure that you do not forget to declare the type of waste you intend to fill the skip with and ensure that you comply with both the skip bin hire companies’ requirements and local and regional waste disposal laws.

Many waste management companies will refuse to allow a skip bin to be filled with certain items either in an effort to comply with local and regional laws or due to the type of waste management company they are. For instance, calling a green waste management company to collect a skip full of dead batteries simply won’t meet either parties’ requirements, and will end up costing you extra in the long term.

Common types of waste

The different forms of waste often fall into the following categories:

General Waste

This type of waste is more common amongst the general public as they move house, perform small redecorating jobs or find they need to remove large amounts of household waste. This includes items such as yard waste, carpets, toys, kitchen cabinets, wood, recyclable plastics, papers, document, cardboard and small garden waste items.

Green Waste

This type of skip bin is exclusively for organic materials. This type of waste includes yard waste, grass clippings and shrubs as well as small branches and bark.

Other companies may offer specialised skip bin waste removals such as electronics, soil, or even hazardous material waste – these types of waste disposal require stringent rules and regulations and your local skip bin company will consult and advise you on their services and what is included.

Things to look out when hiring a skip bin

  1. One of the most overlooked aspects of hiring a skip bin is figuring out what size of skip you require. Many skip hire company offer a range of skips for different purposes, but the average maximum weight restriction for a regular skip bin is around the 1250kg mark. Collection of the skip is not possible if your waste exceeds this amount.
  2. Now that you have figured out which type of skip bin you require, the next step is to ensure that you have the space and ease of access for the skip truck to deliver and remove the skip safely. Ensuring you have space for the skip without violating parking regulations is often overlooked, so ensure you have the right to place your skip where you need it, such as a street parking space or a shared driveway or delivery zone.
  3. You should take care when loading the waste bin so as not to make your loading and collection of the bin hazardous. Use best practices and load the bulky, heavier items first and balance the skip so that larger items are not overflowing or falling out. It is also your responsibility to ensure that if needed, the bin is covered and secured so as to not harm anyone outside of the bin working in the area.
  4. When it comes to ordering the correct type of bin, the most important thing you should never be doing is loading your bin with the wrong type of waste. Not only will the skip company be able to refuse collection, but you will also be creating a headache when the waste is finally ready for disposal.
  5. Your waste should be taken to the nearest waste management facility based on its contents, so if you put electronics or chemicals into a green waste bin, major problems will arise at the disposal facility. This costs time and money for everyone involved to fix and fines for improper waste disposal can cost a hefty price.

These tips will help you to hire the proper skip for your need. However, you should also consider some important facts for hiring a skip hire company. And when you’ve finalised your preferred bin(s), don’t forget to consult with your local skip bin hire company about the overall requirements to dispose of or recycle the waste you have.

Wrapping up –

  • Hire the correct type of skip for your requirements
  • Hire multiple skips for different waste types if necessary
  • Ensure you have the requisite parking and loading space to ensure good health and safety on your land.


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Felicity Allen

Great article! One other thing which is often over-looked is finding an environmentally-responsible waste management provider. Ask your provider what happens to your waste after collection and whether it gets recycled. Further to this, it's interesting to learn how the recycling process works. This page provides a good summary of how a material recover facility works:

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