Tips for Keeping Your Pillows Fresh and Fluffy

14 July 2023

Tips for Keeping Your Pillows Fresh and Fluffy


We change bedsheets and pillowcases often but we easily forget that taking care of the pillow we use regularly is extremely important.

Although pillows may appear clean, they are often filled with dried sweat and dirt due to our lack of attention, including neglecting the simple act of airing them.

Nobody likes a flat and rough pillow, even though it's unrealistic to expect your pillow to remain as puffy as it was on the day of purchase. However, we make daily use of our pillows, just like the clothes we wear. 

This begs the need to take care of your pillow properly to avoid diseases or other physical and health complications.

Luxury pillows or long-lasting pillows must be kept fresh and fluffy, whether throw pillows, thin or soft pillows, cotton, feather, wool, or polyester-made pillows, the main aim is to ensure comfortability and freedom from germs or any harmful infection.

So, how can this be achieved?


Before we go into these tips, there are essential tools and materials needed for the proper maintenance of your pillow. They include scissors, washing machine, detergent, hand sewing needle and thread, thimble, and iron for pillowcases, containers, washcloth and to mention but a few. 

When you have these items, then you can follow the points below to have a fresh and fluffy pillow.


You don’t have to break the bank to buy pillows of good quality. There are some good shops that recommend pillows for their customers depending on age and sleeping posture. For instance, a medium-firm pillow is a good pillow for side sleeping, and a medium-loft pillow is suitable for back sleeping.

Bad posture in sleeping can lead to physical problems like neck, shoulder, and back pains. But there are now comfortable neck pain relief pillows that can help in situations like this.

Sometimes we buy cheap pillows that don’t have quality foams and they end up getting rough in the space of two to three months causing us to buy new ones again. There are long-lasting, affordable pillows that can be used for at least a year.

If you're unsure about the best pillow for your needs, consider consulting experts who can provide personalized recommendations based on your concerns and preferences. This is going to save money and prevent other complications that may arise later from using a bad pillow.


Your pillow insert should not be too big or too small for your pillow. A lot of people don’t realize that the type of insert you use for your pillows can change the nature of your pillow. 

It can compress the size of your pillow, making your sleep or relaxation time uncomfortable. The general recommendation is to use a pillow insert that is two inches larger than the pillow's size. For instance, a 24-inch pillow should have a 26-inch pillow insert.


 A pillow protector is simply used to protect the pillow from dust, dirt, insects etc, keeping it clean. 

Using a pillow protector reduces the need for frequent pillow washing. You can wash the pillow protectors along with your bedsheets and pillowcases.

This is highly recommended if you want to have a long-lasting and spotless pillow for your couch or bedroom.


When washing your pillows, it's important to follow the appropriate procedures, whether using a washing machine or washing them by hand, to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly.

You cannot wash your pillows with the pillowcases on it. Ensure that you remove all covers and cases for your pillow. When that is done, most people prefer to air it first before washing but whichever way you decide, it doesn’t change anything.

When you want to wash the pillow, put detergent inside a bowl or container used for washing and let it stay for a while before soaking the pillow in the water.

Soak the pillow for about five minutes before you begin to scrub the dirt out of it. You will see that your water won’t be as clean as it was when you soak the pillow.

Even when you’re using a washing machine, let the timer be gentle so as to give your pillow the proper scrub. Ensure to follow the instructions on the washing machine or carefully read the manual before you start washing.

After washing the pillow, rinse it at least two times with clean water, you should be satisfied with your results.

According to an Associate Product Merchant, Susan Lazor, she recommends “washing sleeping pillows two to four times a year.” She also explains that “Different pillows call for different washing techniques, so it’s best to refer to the label.”

Don’t worry about your pillows having clumps and lumps after washing, we are getting into that.


This could be done with a dryer when you are done washing or by using a natural method: Sunlight!

When making use of a dryer, make sure you read the instructions on how to use it properly. The dryer method removes lumps perfectly.

If you choose to dry your pillow under the sun, spread it out in a clean, well-ventilated area. If it’s a throw pillow, you can use clips in holding the edges on a rope or cloth line, allowing it to dry under the sun.

This method is the easiest way to keep your pillow fresh and fluffy because a mixture of breeze and sunlight kills bacteria and produces air inside the pillow, making it sparkling and soft.


Gently massage your pillow with your hands, and you will feel the clumps. Continue massaging until they disappear.
This should be done regularly to maintain the soft nature of your pillow. It can be done while laying in your bed early in the morning.


  1. Prevention of diseases.
  2. It reduces the risk of exposure to bacteria and infections.
  3. It provides comfort and helps you get quality relaxation during sleeping hours or at leisure time.
  4. Improves personal hygiene.
  5. Enhances good sleeping habits. If your pillow stinks from regular sweats, you would try to sleep in a way that you won’t have to perceive the bad odor, thus, leading to bad sleeping posture.
  6. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when your bedroom or couch has neat and fresh pillows on them.

In a nutshell, any pillow that is categorized under fresh and fluffy must be comfortable and soft when used. So use the aforementioned tips to keep your pillow fresh!