Tips to Maximize your Home Remodeling

06 February 2020

If a home remodeling is in your future plans, here you will find tips to maximize your investment, increase the functionality of the space and make future work easier.

1. Plan Ahead

You must reconcile what you want and what you can afford. Make sure everything is considered so that at the end everything is in place and ready to go. Photographs are important when changes are going to be made.

2. Bathrooms and Kitchens

Both are extremely important in the resale value of a house and optimize the spaces. Try to make them very bright and have excellent ventilation. You have to make sure that the key food preparation areas are well lit and ventilated. Builder north Brisbane will help create a brighter roof that highlights and reflects the light throughout the space without dazzling. Combine this with plenty of natural light to increase general lighting levels in the rooms.

3. Plumbing

If you are changing the bathroom or kitchen, you should consider that physical appearance is not the only thing that matters. If the pipes are already old, sooner or later you will have to break the new tile to fix them, so better consider doing it at once.

4. The Capacity of your Water Heater

Do not add baths without carefully determining the water supply lines and the capacity of your water heater. A small tank will not be able to meet your needs. Especially if you select a new 80-gallon bathtub and have a 50-gallon tank. Also consider the size of the pipes that supply the water. If you add accessories, you will probably have to increase the plumbing pipes.

5. Avoid Waterfall Noise

Decorative waterfalls are pretty in a backyard, but not when they are heard running through their walls. The plastic drain pipes on the walls must be very well insulated to avoid creating the very audible sound of water fall.

6. Invest in Exhaust Fans and Silent Fans

In the case of fans, which are used most frequently, acquire those that the vibration is as low as possible. They have an additional cost but they are worth it.

7. Modification of Materials on the Floors

If you have carpeted rooms, try changing this material for laminate flooring (floating) or wood. In addition to being more durable, much less dust and microbes accumulates. Allergies to dust mites are very common mainly in sick people or children. Also note that the presence of carpets negatively affects the resale price.

8. Update your Electrical Panel

If your electrical panel is 100 amperes and each slot is occupied, it is most likely that you are an ideal candidate for updating the pa Even if it is 125 or 200 amperes and you plan to add bathrooms or a kitchen, with frequency will require an electrical panel upgrade.

9. Changing Doors and Windows

Continue with the windows and doors you have or choose something new? Your decision depends on your needs. If your windows filter the outside air it is time to change them; Electricity consumption expenses will rise dramatically if you do not. The access doors of the street and the main entrance must be in good condition, clean and well painted, the access plate must work perfectly.

10. Colors

There are colors that will have a relaxing effect favoring your well-being. A basic rule of decoration: never use more than three colors in a room if you want it to be harmonious. When you get home, you need to disconnect and relax from daily stress. White and beige are classic solutions for all spaces.

You will be investing a lot of money and time in remodeling your home, so make sure the renovations will cover your family's needs for a long time and also think about what changes positively affect the resale value.

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