Tips To Transform Your Backyard With A Fire Pit

30 August 2021

Renovations and remodeling is quite common amongst homeowners in Australia. Renovations not always imply the interior aspect of the premise but it can also be your backyard.  Remodeling of the deck or the backyard can mean redesigning your deck, installing a barbeque, buying the pool of your dreams, or reorganizing the landscape to your liking. One of the main reasons for setting up a good outdoor space is to design a good place for friends and family to get together.

A fire pit would be the ideal addition to your house or when on the move like a folding fire pit in Australia. It is something that will give your backyard a vintage or rustic feel depending on the design. This will also become the focal point of your outdoors, making it simple to set up other elements like lighting, seating options, and more.  This article provides several tips to transform your backyard by installing a fire pit.

Tips for fire pit in your backyard

Creating a fire pit in your yard is not very tough. This can be designed in any place in your yard. In fact, some homeowners might take this up as a DIY project as well. However, not everyone is so hands-on and would rather invest in a professionally made one that is commercially available like custom fire pits in Australia. Here are a few essential tips:

  • Round stone: This is one of the most affordable options. In fact, it is possible to set this up as a DIY project. However, this will require considerable effort to first create a circle and strategically arrange the fire bricks to make a circle. This will require multiple rows of fire bricks. It will also involve using cement and beautifying the space surrounding it.
  • Square concrete: This is also a simple DIY project involving one using concrete to give shape to their square structure. It also means having to spend time and effort on setting up the space surrounding it.
  • Collapsible: This is commercially available where all four sides of a steel cube are collapsible for easy transport. It is also easy to set up and easy to customize with your own design.
  • Caravan: A caravan fire pit is quite compact and collapsible. It is best suited to use at a caravan site hence is easy to transport. This is made from steel and is ideal for a campfire and cooking your dinner.
  • Rectangular fire pit: This is available in multiple sizes and can weigh 12 to 19 Kgs depending on the size. It is available in various designs and is the perfect addition to the backyard.
  • Tripod: As the name suggests this is hung from a tripod. It is made from steel and ideal where space is an issue.
  • Unique shapes: They are available in various shapes like hexagonal, spherical, and square. The hexagonal one will have six sides to it as compared to a square one which will have only 4. On the other hand, a spherical one is a sophisticated addition to your backyard that allows one to poke the fire from any place and easy to organize a big ground of people around it.

 Benefits of installing a fire pit·         

  • It is something that you can enjoy all year round with your friends and family.
  • This is the perfect warm and inviting addition to your outdoor space.
  • The best place to socialise and a family to get together.
  • One of the most versatile outdoor setups.
  • Ideal to generate a romantic ambience.
  • It is safe, affordable, and can add value to your home.
  • BBQ Fire Pits are useful to cook a good meal and keep warm as well.

A fire pit in your backyard is the best place for the entire family to gather for a good meal. It is also an ideal place for games, drinks, and conversations with friends and family. A fire pit is open giving you a 360-degree view and also allowing easy placement of the wood. It also allows one to place large pieces of wood inside since they can extend outwards. Thus, investing in a fire pit is an excellent alternative to the Chiminea, closed from the top.