Top 4 Types of Automatic Gates

21 September 2018

Are you planning to install an automatic gate at your residence? Are you unsure on the kind that will suit your requirement best? If yes, do not stress. There are several automatic gates that are available in the market. These include slide gates, cantilever gates, swing gate, vertical lift gate, bi-folding gate, and barrier arm gate. Although, automatic gates are expensive, however, it guarantees long time service. There will be innumerable numbers of options that your architect might suggest; however, if you do not want to spend hefty amounts on repeated maintenance, you must invest in one that is of superior quality.

Various Types of Automatic Gates:

Automatic Gates

#1. Automatic swing gates: The swing gates are the most common type of automatic gates. They are operated with the help of remote controls or an access control panel. They can be installed in properties where there is enough room for the gates to swing inwards. This is an intelligent investment that you can make. Even though it is much cheaper than the sliding gates, guarantees good performance. The swing gates are easy to operate. They allow access to people and vehicles only with the use of a control panel or a remote control. The gates open, pause and then close, giving adequate time for people or vehicles to enter the premises. This is a high-security installation and is highly recommended.

#2. Automatic slide gates: These gates require space and are usually installed in the commercial sites. However, these automatic gates can also be installed in residential complexes if there is enough open space.

#3. Vertical lift gates: This is a new inclusion in the types of automatic gates. These lift gates are supremely fancy and the gates move up and down vertically over the gate opening. The vertical lift gates require tall vertical support and must be lifted high enough so that the vehicles can pass underneath them. They are a great investment because they require limited space, they are fast and reliable. If you want to experiment with the overall look of your residential premises, this type of gate is an appropriate choice.

#4. Vertical pivot lift gates: These automatic gates rotate in and out of the gate opening. These are convenient than the vertical lift gates. It does not require a support tower and is supported entirely by the gate operator. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that you require additional space beside the gate.

The above are a few common types of automatic gates. These modern automatic gates have become a rage and not only are people installing them for commercial sites but also residential complexes. However, as they are unique in their own way and have their pros and cons, make sure you choose accordingly.